Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Creator Is Our Redeemer

Chestnut Ridge, Orchard Park NY

Isaiah 54:4-6

I like this picture because this is a tree that decided it didn't matter what obstacles the roots faced, it was still going to grow.  The roots of the tree decided to grow on top of the limestone ridge until it could find some more soil to dig into.  When you think about the way God created trees, He made them to grow in environments that just doesn't seem to allow anything to grow.  He created them to seek out a more fertile soil to grow in, and He created us to seek Him.  Before we know Him, we know something is missing and we keep searching, but when we find Him, we find a love to sink our roots into and plant ourselves firmly so we can grow.  Life without God can be like that limestone; it is not good ground to sink our roots into.  But there is a hope for all those difficulties life throws at us once we know our Creator.  He can turn any difficulty into something that reflects His glory.  Please turn to Isaiah 54:4-6.

Those verses are so beautiful to me; especially because I struggled with shame from my childhood for many years before I believed how God saw me.  I was kind of like the roots of this tree knowing that God had something more for me and tried to find a place to sink my roots into.  I was still growing, but not in the way God wanted me to grow.  I knew He was my Creator and that He loved me, but I just didn't understand what that meant for me here on earth.  Once I began to fully grasp and understand His unending love for me I found my roots digging deep down in the rich soil of His love.  When I believed in His love and how He saw me as His beloved child, my shame was stripped away.

All this week, I have looked at the fact that only God created the world and what that means for us.  Today, consider what God is telling us in these verses.  Our Creator will one day be our husband.  Our Creator is the one who redeems us.  Things like sorrow and shame will be forgotten - they will not even be a distant memory!  What a beautiful promise for those who believe in their Creator's love for them and choose to follow Him.  God created the world, He created beauty, He created you and breathed His breath in you, and He loves you.  Our Creator wants to spend eternity with us; that is amazing and wonderful to me.

Do you believe in your Creator's love for you?  Are you sinking your roots deep down into His love?

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  1. Hi Sharon:

    In my younger years, I had a distorted view of God. I believed He was waiting for me to make a mistake in order to punish me. But now I know the truth, that He is a God of love. He disciplines, but doesn't punish. And His word contains the answers to every problem we have.

    Thanks for linking up today!


  2. I like what you said here....and that tree's roots are a great visual. Hope your weekend is the best.

  3. Yes, these are beautiful thoughts. I think, though, that our Creator is our husband now, not just later. Our flesh husbands are blessings and loving companions through life, but my relationship with my own is so much deeper when underpinned by my God, my Jesus, my Husband for eternity.

  4. What a picture that tree makes of my searching before I found the truth and love of Christ! You have blessed me by this reminder. Thank you for sharing your heart.


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