Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Savior Came As A Baby

Luke 2:1-7

Can you believe that Christmas is almost upon us?  For me, the weeks have flown by as we coordinated unpacking our boxes from our move in the midst of concerts and Christmas gatherings.  Are you ready?  Has the craziness gotten the best of you, or are you approaching the day with anticipation and joy?  Do you still have a little more shopping to do or are you all done?  I have to laugh because Christmas falls on Sunday this year, and I have heard people trying to figure out they are going to fit church in with their Christmas plans.  When you really think about it, it really should be the other way around!  I've been guilty of that attitude as well and then I remember that it is silly to look at it that way.  The whole reason we celebrate Christmas is to be a reminder of Christ's birth and to give God glory for such an amazing event.  Let's all remind ourselves the reason for our joy and read Luke 2:1-7.

I find the written account of Christ's birth interesting because what would seem to be the climax of the story (His birth) is mentioned in verse 7.  One verse...unless you count verse six's mention of, "the time came for her baby to be born."  Now, I understand that each birth is different and every woman is different in the way labor plays out, but for anyone who has witnessed the birth of a child or has personally given birth to a child, this seems like a bit of injustice to the story.  How long did the young couple search for a place to stop so Jesus could be born?  How long did Mary have to walk around the city of Bethlehem while laboring?  How did they find their final resting place?  Was there anyone like a mid-wife to help with the birth?

The thing is, those questions are asking for details that don't change the story.  What really matters is that our Savior not only humbled Himself to become a human, but He came as a helpless baby.  He came in position to be completely dependent of the care of what He created.  He had parents just like the rest of us and had to wait for them to feed Him and change Him and He had to trust them.  Think about that!  Our Creator came and for a time was dependent on His creation.  That just emphasizes how much He was willing to sacrifice to bring us back to Him!  What a beautiful Savior; what an incredible God.

What does it mean to you that Jesus came as a baby?

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  1. I'm following you from Beholding Glory. HOPE your CHRISTmas is blessed!

  2. Nice to meet you Debbie! Thank you for was a blessed Christmas! I hope your Christmas was blessed as well. :)


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