Friday, December 9, 2011

Where Do We Store Our Riches?

Luke 12:13-21

All week long, I have looked at how God is the only One who truly provides for us.  We may think that by working hard we are independent and self-reliant; however, the reality is that God is in complete control and provides for us through our jobs, natural events, and by using other people.  I explored the fact that because He provides for our needs so generously, we should be used by Him to provide for the needs of others.  Today, the verses I am looking at is a little hard to read because it takes a look at how God views selfishness.  Please turn to Luke 12:13-21.

One thing that I noticed while my husband and I were moving was that we own a lot of stuff that we are no longer using.  Sometimes carrying a literal burden such as boxes and boxes of books has a way of opening your eyes to what you have that is not necessary.  The reality is, if we didn't have room to store the books in our apartment, did we really need them?  The parable that Jesus is telling in these verses shows a similar problem.  The farmer had fertile ground that produced more crops than he could use.  In fact, the harvest didn't even fit in his barns.  Instead of using the excess that was given to him to give to the poor, he stored up what he would never be able to use anyway.

Jesus calls the farmer a fool because no one (including himself) will ever get to enjoy the blessings that were given to him.  I think this is an important point to show how this makes God feel.  Earlier this year, on of my children desperately wanted a particular item for their birthday.  My husband and I happily gave it to them only to watch it sitting unused.  We didn't spend a lot of money on this item; however, it is disappointing seeing no one using this item.  When we are selfishly holding on to the good things that God has given us without using it ourselves, it hurts God.  This was a gift given to us either to provide a need or to share with others.  Our comfort doesn't need to come in the fact that we own the item.

Jesus reminds us that it is far more important to be storing up our treasures in the kingdom of God.  In verse 21 He says, “Yes, a person is a fool to store up earthly wealth but not have a rich relationship with God.”  Our relationship with God should be getting richer each day - that is what God wants from us.  As we build up our relationship with God, we will develop perspective on our "things."

Are you building a rich relationship with God or are you storing riches on earth?

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  1. Good analogy. I bought my youngest something she really wanted and after a couple of times playing with it...she forgot all about it. I didn't like that at all....thinking of His amazing gift....I don't want it to be wasted. Thanks for a great post

  2. Thanks Sarah. Yes! His amazing gift! Wouldn't it be sad to keep it only to ourselves?


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