Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How Do We Bring Justice?

Isaiah 58:6-12

Have you ever noticed that for every decision you make there is a consequence?  The consequence could be positive or negative, but there is always a result that happens from your decision.  For example, I could decide that I don't feel like wearing my coat in the middle of January and the resulting consequence is that I will be cold while I am outside.  But that is a consequence that only effects myself.  Some decisions I make effect other people such as what I decide to make for dinner will have an effect on my entire family.  But there are times when we make seemingly little decisions that have a huge effect on someone else.  An example of that would be what brand I choose to buy can have an effect on people I never met on the other side of the world.  Our big world has become smaller over the recent decades and it has created moral decisions that we now face even when we are at the grocery store.  Please read Isaiah 58:6-12 to see what God says on how we should be treating people.

This week I am focusing on the fact that justice is very close to God's heart.  It is so important that as we read through these verses, we see that it something that He held against the Israelites.  However, He also promised healing once they began to care about people and call for justice.  We still live in a world full of injustices and we do not have to look very far to find them.  The fact that a child living in the inner city does not get as good of an education as the child growing up in the suburbs is not fair.  The reality that there are people in the world that get by on one meal a day and sometimes not even that much is not fair.  The reality that human trafficking exists is wrong.

The purpose of this post is not to guilt you.  The problem with our world-wide economy is that we will inadvertently support someone who is either robbing someone of fair wages or even using slave labor because we buy the product that they make.  But we can educate ourselves and the people around us.  We can find out what companies participate in fair trade practices and pay their employees a fair wage.  We can support ministries that fight human trafficking.  We can care about how our little every day decisions can effect the world and do something about it.  This is a broken world and we will never be able to get rid of every single injustice, but we don't have to stand for it or idly sit by and watch it happen.

Yesterday, I looked at the reality that God loves justice.  Today, we can see that justice is something He expects from us.  If we love God, we will also love justice.  The more we spend time with God, the more justice will be the beating of our hearts.  We can be voice for those who have no voice.  That is showing the world God's light.  That is showing the world God's heart.

Have you become more educated on the injustices in the world?  What has God laid on your heart?

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