Monday, January 9, 2012

Only God Is Healer

Exodus 15:22-27

I can't believe that I am starting week seven of my Only God study; it just doesn't seem like I've been studying this topic for very long.  Compared to others, I am only an amateur when it comes to Bible study; however, no matter where we are in our walk God can speak to each of us.  God can always teach us something from His Word no matter how much formal training we have had.  Don't you just love that God doesn't really care about our credentials; He cares about our devotion.  I want to quickly recap the different themes I have looked at so far in my Only God study, so I have a list:

Only God is God
Only God is Provider
Only God is Creator
Only God is God and man
Only God saves
Only God makes all things new

This week I want to look at how only God is our true healer.  Please read Exodus 15:22-27.

In this scene, the Israelites had just witnessed God's hand at work when He rescued them from the Egyptians.  The Israelites found themselves at the Red Sea unable to pass with the Egyptians close behind.  God miraculously parted the sea and allowed the Israelites to pass; however, when the Egyptian army was in the middle of the Red Sea, God caused the water to close in on them.  They rejoiced and praised God greatly, which is where we read about them today.  There are a couple of things that I noticed about these verses.  First, they wandered the desert for three days and found themselves desperately needing water.  When they finally found water, it was bitter and not drinkable.  Can you imagine the disappointment?  I just want to stop and say that I have been there!  I have been in a difficult season and experienced something that gave me new hope only to watch that hope be crushed.  It really is like bitter water that makes you sick to drink.  The disappointment can be so great in those moments that all you can do is cry out to God for some relief.

That is exactly what Moses did in verse 25; I'm sure this was a cry of total desperation.  A cry of anguish.  God had Moses throw a piece of wood into the water and the water became good to drink.  Do you find that strange at all?  On first glance, it would seem rather random that God would have Moses throw a piece of wood into the water but let me challenge that randomness.  These people were so thirsty and in anguish to find bitter water...undrinkable water.  Yet, God turned their anguish into joy by sweetening the water with wood.  That wood could also be translated tree.  Because our Savior died on a tree and was resurrected from death, the bitter water in our hearts was replaced with the living water that only Jesus could give.  Just as God healed the bitter water with a tree in the desert, God healed our dying hearts by sending Jesus to die on a cross.  How great our joy can be knowing that we have a hope that surpasses anything that is given to us in the world.

God then told them that as long as they obeyed Him and followed Him, they would not have the diseases that the Egyptians suffered from.  He then called Himself their healer.  We can know that God is our healer.  No matter what the ailment, God can heal.  He can heal the sickness in our hearts and He can heal our physical ailments.  The word God used in this verse is rapha' which means healer or physician.  But this word can indicate a physical healing, healing of personal distress, healing of nations, and healing of water.  How beautiful is that!?  He can heal anything.  God chose to heal the bitter water of Marah to tell us that He is the One who heals.  Oh how I needed this word today as I have been dealing with a huge disappointment!  I'm sure there are many of you that God is speaking to and wants you to remember that He can sweeten the waters and bring you joy.  God is your healer.

Are you needing healing today?  Give your anguish over to God your Healer.

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  1. I think the most beautiful healing God does is the healing of our hearts! That is where we feel the deepest pain. But, God, our Healer, will turn our pain to joy! I am so thankful for the Great Physician!

    1. I love the promise of joy! So beautiful!


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