Monday, January 16, 2012

Only God Is Holy

Isaiah 6:1-8

When I was growing up, my mom had a picture in our living room of an old man showing both his profile and his whole face.  It was an artist's drawing, and the old man had a very stern look on his face.  I remember spending time just staring at the picture wondering in my childhood comprehension if that was God.  I had no other reference for who He was except that He had to be very old since He created the world.  The reality is that I still cannot picture Him because I now understand more of His character than I did as a child and I realize that who He is spans beyond my ability to comprehend.  I can only understand a glimpse of His character and even that overwhelms me!  Have you ever been overwhelmed by who God is?  Have you ever thought about who God is?  This week, I am studying the fact that only God is holy, which is hard for me to grasp.  Holy.  Since I myself am not holy, it is hard for me to understand what holy is.  Please turn to Isaiah 6:1-8.

These verses explain Isaiah's calling to be God's prophet.  In this scene, we encounter some of God's majesty and holiness and we are given the picture of Him on a throne with His robe filling the temple.  The thing that struck me is the seraphim who were also there and they were worshiping God the entire time.  Their worship was so great that it shook the temple and their declaration was, "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty.  The whole earth is full of His glory."  God is so perfect and clean that He is holy.  That is the part that is so hard for me to comprehend because I have never experienced perfect.  I am far from perfect, and I have never known anyone to be perfect.

Isaiah was far from perfect as well, and this frightened him.  He realized that He was in the presence of God who is holy, and he was unclean.  But instead of being doomed, he was cleansed from his sin.  The fact that Isaiah was sure that his life was over makes me realize the intensity of God's holiness.  We can say that He is holy, but obviously we have no idea what that is really like.  It wasn't until Isaiah found himself in God's presence that he understood how great His holiness is.  Isaiah, a man that God found worthy to be His servant, was overwhelmed by God's holiness.  It is overwhelming because only God is holy.  When we understand that only God is holy, we have a realization that we are not and we need a Savior.

Does the idea of God's holiness overwhelm you?

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  1. I think for me, part of what makes God so wonderful is that I cannot fully understand Him! I love that He is so far above me, you know? I feel safe with Him. Humbled by Him. Awed by Him and amazed. Yes, I'd say that I, too, am overwhelmed by His holiness! But I'm overwhelmed with joy!


    1. I have to agree! I cannot even express and put a word to how amazing and awesome He is to me. :)


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