Monday, January 23, 2012

Only God Is Truly Just

Psalm 37:27-29

If I were to ask you what you love, what would you say?  My guess is that you would say that you love your family, your spouse, and your children.  You may even tell me that you love God.  We use the word love so much that sometimes we water it down a bit.  For example, my daughter would say that she "loves" lasagna.  This doesn't mean that she feels affection toward lasagna, but that she enjoys eating it.  We know from the Bible that God loves us dearly with true affection, but the Bible also tells other things that are important to His heart.  As I have been looking at the Bible how we could declare, "Only God..." I found that I couldn't skip the fact that only God is truly just.  Justice is a matter that is so close to His heart that it can be found throughout the Bible.  Please read Psalm 37:27-29 to see how God feels about justice.

This Psalm tells us that God loves justice.  I found that interesting enough to look it up in the Hebrew to see what I could find out - I was curious about the use of the word love.  I knew that it wasn't translated flippantly just to express that He likes it a lot, but I still was wondering how strongly God felt about justice.  The word that is used is 'ahab which means to love.  It can mean a love for people, but this word also has another meaning that has a very strong emotional bent.  It also can mean "human appetite for objects such as food, drink, sleep, wisdom," (see footnote 1).  To me, this also could be a definition for the word crave.

Cravings are strong desires for something and it often dominates our thoughts.  So, when you think about this related to how God feels about justice, it gives us a pretty strong word picture.  Have you thought about the fact that God craves justice?  This isn't just something He likes or prefers, He craves justice.  This is who He is; He is the God of justice.  When you read through the Old Testament prophecies, you can see that injustice was one of the reasons His anger burned against Israel.  It is the exact opposite of who He is and He wants us as His children to show justice as well.  Throughout this week, I want to look more into justice and what that means for us.

Do you share God's craving for justice?

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  1. Your post brought to mind Micah 6:8: "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God." If God loves justice so much that He requires that we act is certainly something we should love, too! I think the closer we come to Him, the deeper our relationship becomes and the ways of God become more dear to us. So as we come to know the Lord more and more, our love for justice will also grow!

    1. Joan, that is so true! I believe what God desires becomes our desires the more we grow in Him.


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