Thursday, January 12, 2012


Psalm 147:1-3

Have you ever dropped an incandescent light bulb?  It is a pretty fragile structure and it doesn't take much to break one.  Basically, if you drop the bulb you are guaranteed that it will break.  But the light bulb doesn't just crack when it breaks from a drop - it shatters.  There is no repairing the shattered bulb because you will never be able to piece it all back together.  The only thing left to do is to sweep it up and throw it away.  What about when your heart is broken?  This week I've been looking at the truth that God is our Healer.  Please read Psalm 147:1-3 to see what it says God does for the broken heart.

These verses are so encouraging to read because it tells us that God looks beyond our accomplishments or physical attributes; He looks into our hearts to see what we need.  These verses tell us that God heals the brokenhearted.  Earlier this week, I looked at the fact that God doesn't just heal physical diseases or wounds, but He heals everything.  He heals our spiritual and emotional wounds as well.  God doesn't do anything half-way, He is the true Healer who heals everything.

The thing that caught my attention is the Hebrew word translated as broken, which is shabar.  Shabar means to break, but according to it can also mean to reck, to crush, to rend violently, or to shatter (please see footnote 1).  That gives a pretty powerful word picture!  Have you ever been hurt deep enough that you were not just wounded, but you were shattered.  When your heart is devastated to the point of being shattered, there really doesn't seem to be any hope.  But there is hope because God tells us in the Bible that He is our Jehovah Rapha' and He heals the shattered heart.

We see this word, Shabar in Isaiah 61:1-4 where we see prophecy about God healing the broken or shattered hearts.  In these verses we are promised the oil of joy instead of mourning.  Don't ever think that your emotional pain is greater than God's ability to heal.  No matter how shattered your heart may be, God can bring you a healing and make you whole.  God can replace your sorrow with joy.  God truly cares about the state of your heart and wants to see you whole.

Do you believe that God wants to heal your heart?  Do you believe that God can make the shattered heart whole again?

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