Saturday, January 21, 2012

Steps Toward My Perspective

A few weeks ago, I wrote on my perspective for the year, which is justice.  As I thought out how I would begin to live it out, Lisa Puliam encouraged us to consider how we would focus on it through our time in the Bible in her post at the Internet Cafe Devotions.  I had chosen my verse to be Micah 6:8 even though there are so many other verses that reflect God's desire for justice; however, that was the first verse that drew my attention to justice so many years ago.  Using this as my theme verse seems like it is taking me back to the original call God put in my heart for justice.

I have a dear friend who reads through the Bible every year, but she learns fresh thoughts every time she reads it.  One thing she does to keep it fresh is to have a word or idea that she focuses on as she reads through the Bible.  This allows her to go through the entire Bible to see what God has to say about that verse.  She has inspired me throughout the years as she does this.  With that said, I am going to follow her beautiful example and read through the Bible with my perspective being justice.  What does God say about justice.  How does He feel about injustice.  What does He want all His followers to do about justice?  I am excited about this journey and I cannot wait to see what I have learned at the end of the year.  I have finally started my Intentional Living page where I plan to have my plan for 2012 stated there.

What is your plan to keep your perspective in focus?

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  1. Justice is an interesting subject and the Bible has much to say about it for sure. I have heard it said that what we need is mercy - not justice. If we got justice every time we would have no hope. Of course the only reason we ever receive mercy instead of justice is because of Christ.

    1. Charlotte, you make a great point! God's version of justice is an extension of love and mercy. Thank you for the beautiful reminder. :)


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