Tuesday, February 28, 2012

High Sounding Nonsense

Colossians 2:8-10

Before I dig in this morning, I would like to remind you to pray for the staff, students, and parents of Chardon High School.  I cannot imagine the grief that everyone in that community is feeling right now, and lets just pray that God will comfort them.  Pray for the parents who lost their children in this tragedy and pray for the healing of the students who are still recovering from their wounds in the hospital.  Pray for the students who witnessed this and are probably struggling with their loss of security.  And finally, pray for all the pastors in that community who will certainly be counselling and praying with hurting people through this time.

We live in a world that is full of pain and anger and it can cause struggles with faith.  In fact, it can be hard to understand how a God who is in control and is loving could allow such things to happen in this world.  Let me say right now, even when things don't make sense in our human eyes you can still know that God is in control and He loves us dearly.  There are things that we as humans just cannot understand.  In our struggle to understand such things, false philosophies and teachings emerge.  Paul had a rather strong description against such philosophies; please read Colossians 2:8-10.

Paul calls these "empty philosophies and high sounding nonsense" because the church was facing teachings that were going to lead them astray.  Notice that Paul actually tells them that if they listen and follow such philosophies, they would be captured or taken captive.  It really is being taken captive because anything other than the Gospel of grace through Christ is captivity; God's grace is the only way to freedom.  Notice where Paul says that these false teachings come from - human thought and "spiritual powers of the world."  So, we humans come up with rules that only leave us captive when we are unable to follow such rules perfectly.  We also have an enemy who does not want us to realize the absolute freedom that comes from God's grace.  Always keep to what the Bible says about who God is and what He says He can do.  Always believe who you are in Christ and know that you don't need to add to His undeserved grace.

When the world doesn't make sense, do you still believe in the truth you know about Christ?

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  1. Sharon, I studied Colossians all month and will move on to another book in the new testament tomorrow. I didn't feel like I learned enough, but that's ok. It comes in layers and yes, I believe in all the truths I know about Christ and day by day, it doesn't take me very long to claim them when the world doesn't make sense.

    1. He is who we need to cling to no matter what! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Hi sharon... love reading your blog... i just searching col. 3:8 and google bring me here, i know its not accident coz everything already plan by God, GOd bless you and kept you always.. by the way my real name is aldin a member of pioneering church in iligan city philippines..

    1. I am glad God blessed you as you visited here! Thank you for stopping by.


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