Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Sharing His Glory

Colossians 1:25-27

When I was in Zambia, a local pastor prayed over me and shared some things God laid on his heart.  A few days later, we saw each other again and he mentioned that he kept thinking about some of the things that God had laid on his heart.  "What has God called you to do?" he asked me.  Good question!  I have pondered that question for a long time (about a year and a half at this point), and I haven't seen any neon lights pointing me to any particular thing that God wants me to do or be as far as ministry.  As I have thought through that question, I tried to see how I could make things be my calling, but that didn't work either.  I have been learning that my "calling" is to be obedient in the moment.  My calling is to be in the here and now and just do the ministry that God has put in front of me for the day.  Yes, there are times when God gives us a direction that we know that we are to do something that is pretty major (ie, a job change); however, He has a calling for us that we are to be responding to every day.  Please read Colossians 1:25-27.

I want to point out a few things in these verses that caught my attention.  The first thing is to remember that the church in Colosse was struggling with Gnosticism trying to enter in.  Gnosticism was a knowledge based belief. They believed that there was a great mystery that surrounded the great invisible god, who was unknowable.  With that thought in mind, it is interesting how Paul chose to use the very thing that was causing confusion in the Colossian church and turned it back to Christ.  Notice the wording in the NIV, "the mystery that has been kept hidden..."  Paul was starting to remind them that there is no mystery any more about salvation or knowing Christ because Christ is in us!  Christ is in whoever believes in Him and His gift of salvation.

The other thing that I noticed is Paul's strong conviction that God had appointed him to share this message with the church.  Paul didn't know how wide the scope was in God's vision for Paul's calling, He just was doing the job God placed before him right then.  Paul had no idea that God was going to continue using the letters he wrote to the early church for the church to continue reading for thousands of years.  How amazing is that?!  But then he reminded the church (which includes us) that this gives us a hope and assurance that we can share.  I have been looking at how we can change our culture rather than the culture changing us.  Is there anything more powerful than the reality that Christ is in us and we can share Him with the world around us?  First, the plan of salvation is no longer a mystery and second we can share this reality with the world because we have Christ in us!  Are you feeling empowered yet?  From a broad view, our calling is to be obedient to whatever God asks of us each day.  He wants us to love Him first and then love others.  That is our calling every day and we are empowered to do this.

How is God using you today?

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  1. God uses me in so many ways. Today it was to spend lunch with my youngest son and to make bread for the family... Simple yet pleasing :)

    1. I'll bet your family didn't think it was simple!

  2. Hi Sharon - I love how you say our calling is to be obedient to what God is asking of us today! What better place to be in than one in which we are obedient? Great post and thank you for linking up Sharon. I love seeing you there
    God bless

    1. Thanks Tracy! It is a great place to be and one that I am striving for.


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