Saturday, March 10, 2012

Are You Ready To Explain?

1 Peter 3:15

Today's post will be short and sweet, but it was inspired from  I like getting Bible Gateway's verse of the day because it is just another way to get a word from God throughout the day.  The verse of the day today is 1 Peter 3:15 and it caught my attention because of the fact that all week long I have been focusing on the fact that Jesus is our life.  This verse says we are to worship Him as the Lord of our life.  Look at the entire verse:

"Instead, you must worship Christ as Lord of your life. And if someone asks about your Christian hope, always be ready to explain it."  

I think this is a great way to tie in all of what I was reading in Colossians 3 this week.  Since He is our life and we are to worship Him only, there are going to be noticeable changes in our lives.  People will see a hope the world cannot give.  This means we are to be ready to share that hope with others.  

Do you understand your hope in Christ, and are you willing to share it with others?

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  1. Yes, it sounds simple, and it really is. If we do the first to our utmost, that is worship the Lord God, then we shouldn't even have to think of the second. It will flow out of us.

    1. You're right, it is a natural outflow of worship!

  2. Thanks for sharing this verse. This is definitely a different translation than I have-- and I like it!

    1. I'm glad you like it! Thank you for visiting.

  3. A great question and thoughtful answer. We need to always be ready. Thank you for this reminder and for sharing it with us.


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