Monday, March 5, 2012

He Is Our Life

Colossians 3:1-4

We all live on the planet earth and live life with the rest of the people on this planet.  We all have basic needs such as water, food, clothing, and shelter.  We also live in a culture that wants our attention and time in order to influence our choices.  For example, this year a 30 second commercial during the Super Bowl cost $3.5 million.  That is crazy when you think about it!  For $3.5 million a company got to claim 30 seconds of your attention in order to make you want to buy their product.  The cost is even more when you consider the cost for making the commercial.  So, when we have large corporations spending a lot of money trying to influence our decisions and we are bombarded with the stresses of job loss and declining home values, it is easy to see why our minds could get very focused on what the world has decided is important.  But, as we will read in Colossians today, we will see that the things the world has decided is important is not what God wants us to focus on.  Please read Colossians 3:1-4.

These are challenging verses to read because they make us ask: how do we live in this world but not think about it?  I first want to say that these verses do not mean that we no longer need to care about the world because that would not be thinking about the things of Heaven.  The Bible is flooded with verses that express God's heart and love for His creation.  He loves us and cares about justice.  There are so many verses that tell us that the things of Heaven means that we will care about the people around us (James 2:27).  I believe these verses are saying that we are to think about the things that are important to God and not what is important according to the world.  Paul reminds that those of us who believe in the salvation we receive in Christ have died to the world; therefore, we no longer need to be consumed with the things of the world.

The first half of verse 4 keeps sticking out at me because it says something that we need to remember, "And when Christ, who is your life..."  We died to what we thought was our life when we realized that true life can only be found in Christ.  He isn't just our Savior, He is our life!  That change of focus is culture changing.  What happens when everyone who believes in Christ lives like He is their life?  What if every decision we make is made with the knowledge that Christ is our life?  He is our everything!  When we live as Christ is our life, our thoughts will not be on the things of this world.  God tells us that He views things very differently from us; please read Isaiah 55:6-9.  His mercy is great and His thoughts and ways are different from those of this world.  Since Christ is our life, we should be thinking of the things of God.  In Luke 12:30-31, Jesus tells us, "These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers all over the world, but your Father already knows your needs. Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need."

Is Christ your life?  Do you seek after the Kingdom of God?

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  1. Good point, Sharon! Since He is now our life, we should be thinking about things of heaven. When we seek Him in all we say or do, He will provide all that we need as we travel through this temporary place...

    Blessings, Joan

    1. You make a good point..."temporary place." When our focus is of the things of Heaven, we can remember that this life is temporary and we should be living in a way that reflects our eternal life! Thanks Joan.


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