Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Peace In Christ

John 16:30-17:5

"Do you finally believe?"  That is the question Jesus asked His disciples after they declared that they knew that Christ was sent by God.  That has me thinking a lot this morning because this was a question Jesus posed to the very people who were with Him every hour of every day for three years.  They had the opportunity to hear His wonderful words for three years, and they declared they believed Him just before He was going to suffer for all of us.  The reason that this has me thinking is that I know in my life I have always believed who Christ is; however, my understanding of what that means has grown over the years.  Please read John 16:30-17:5 to see what Jesus says to His disciples and how He begins to pray to God.

Do you find it interesting that Jesus' response to the disciples is to let them know that they are going to scatter and abandon Him soon?  Can you imagine how the disciples had to be on an emotional roller coaster at this point because they had just declared their belief in Him, yet they were hearing that the time has come that they would scatter?  We have the hindsight to know that their faith was going to be tested like it never had been tested before and Jesus was trying to warn them.  But in that warning was encouragement, "But take heart because I have overcome the world."

We really can take heart.  Think about this: Jesus wasn't just telling them that they were going to face trials, He also just got done telling them that they were going to leave Him for a time.  But He said to take heart.  Christ hasn't only overcome the evil the world does to us; He has also overcome our sins and mistakes.  Take heart when you are disappointed in something you did or how you reacted; Christ has overcome!  His authority and power has overcome everything.  Does that give you hope?  Does it give you joy?  We can have peace within ourselves because Christ has overcome the world.

Look at His prayer; He prayed that God would use this time to glorify Him so He could bring glory to God.  He even prays about the authority God has given Him and how that brings Christ glory.  In this prayer Jesus declares that the way to eternal life is to know God, the only true God, and to know Christ, who God sent to earth.  Christ also prayed that God would bring Him back to the glory that He shared with God before the world ever began.  Christ knew the road He was facing was difficult, but He also knew that it would bring Him and God glory.  No matter what He was facing, He knew that God gave Him authority and He has overcome the world.  We can have peace knowing that we have eternal life because of faith in Christ.  The more we exercise that faith in knowing the truths Christ declared in His prayer, the more peace we have in this life.

Do you have peace knowing that Christ has overcome this world?

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  1. Yes, I do have peace knowing this. Thank God every day that He has overcome what seems impossible for me. That he redeems every single thing in our lives for His purposes. For that I am grateful.

  2. Hi Sharon - I love the picture you linked up with. It drew me in - God knows my name, amen. thanks for linking up again Sharon, I love seeing you there :)
    God bless

    1. Thank you for stopping by and for your feedback!

  3. Fear does make people do and say crazy things. I am so thankful that the Lord is full of mercy, grace and love and forgives his wayward children.

  4. With all of the tragedy and heartbreak we hear about in our counseling office I do have peace knowing that Jesus has overcome. I am so grateful for the peace He gives and that we can take heart because of Him.

    1. I'm grateful as is an overwhelming peace.


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