Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Amazed by Creation

Genesis 2:1-4

Yesterday, I cut myself short about how amazing it is that God created the universe.  I can't create a single thing, even though I may feel like I did.  But the reality is, I come up with ideas based on something that already existed.  A composer doesn't create music, he/she just learned to put a combination of notes that already exist together that make a new song.  An artist doesn't create color, they just put colors that already exist together in a way that pleases our eye.  An inventor uses things that already exist in our world to make a new product.  But our God created the entire universe out of nothing.  If you need to, please read through Genesis 1 again to think about how amazing it is that God created this world.  For today, please read Genesis 2:1-4.

In his book Crazy Love, Francis Chan writes about God as our Creator.  He writes about how just that reality of who He is should amaze us intensely.  In order to think about His greatness and our size in comparison, please watch this Crazy Love video just to get an idea of the size of our universe.  After watching this video, I felt incredibly small and it amazed me even more how God is bigger than I can comprehend.  So, read Genesis 2:4 and see if you read it a little differently now.  "This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, when the LORD God made the earth and the heavens."

This year, we had the opportunity to see the planets Venus and Jupiter lined up in the sky and it reminds us that our Solar System is pretty big.  Last night, my husband and I enjoyed a clear sky and took a short stop from our business to look at the constellations.  It is funny how we still got excited when we saw the Big Dipper.  What is amazing about the stars is that we are looking at a grouping of stars that are so far apart from each other yet they make pictures for us in the sky.  God knew where to place each one, and He knew that we humans would enjoy seeing the pictures.  I wonder what God sees when He looks at His creation as a whole.  What pictures does He see?

Did you know that there are 200 varieties of the woodpecker?  That amazes me to think that there are that many varieties of a type of bird.  The woodpecker can peck at a speed of 20 pecks per second and does not experience any brain damage.  This is because there are pockets of air surrounding and cushioning their brain.  Not all woodpeckers even have the same diet!  My point is that we have an amazing God who is our Creator and everywhere we look reveals His glory.  Since God gave Himself a day of rest after all this incredible creating, we could spend an entire day at the end of the week and praise Him for where we saw Him throughout the week.  If we really were looking for revelations of Him throughout creation, I'm sure that entire day wouldn't be enough to praise Him for what we witness.

How does creation tell you of God's greatness today?

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