Monday, April 9, 2012

Behind Locked Doors

John 20:19-23

I hope you all had a great time of celebration at your local church on Easter.  Easter is the celebration of Christ's victory over death which He shares with us.  All who believe in Christ as their Savior and Lord receive an inheritance of victory as a child of God.  I pray that amazing truth gives you great joy and hope knowing that our life in Christ is so much greater than anything this world can ever offer us.  I am going to continue looking at some encounters people had with Jesus following His resurrection this week beginning with the disciples in John 20:19-23.

The first picture we are given in these verses are the disciples hiding in a locked room for fear of the religious leaders.  This is understandable because they still were not entirely understanding all that was happening.  They knew Jesus had risen from the dead according the account John wrote earlier in chapter 20; however, they didn't know what that would mean for them.  Suddenly, Jesus was among them.  Remember how this had to be astonishing to the disciples since the doors were locked.  Maybe not astonishing; maybe it caused them to be afraid even more.  Instead, Jesus told them to have peace.  Think about that for a moment; Jesus spoke peace into their lives not just once, but twice.

We all live in a way that has us hiding in a locked room at times.  Even though we understand  and believe the truth of Christ's resurrection, sometimes we forget what that means in all our situations.  We listen to the fear easier than we believe that Christ's resurrection is more powerful than anything.  Maybe we fear that we cannot change because of our circumstances when Christ's resurrection tells us that He makes us new.  But Christ has a way of breaking in even though the doors are locked.  He speaks a new truth that settles our fears when we listen: Peace.  Peace can be ours in all circumstances when we look and see that no locked door can keep Christ out.  Peace can be ours when we choose to see that He is alive and has conquered death.  Jesus is our Prince of Peace.

What locked door are you hiding behind?

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  1. The temptation is to hide when we are afraid. But praise God He lives and He has set us free! No longer do we need to hide behind locked doors! We can trust Him to be with us through all things! Blessings to you, Sharon!


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