Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Best of Me

Genesis 4:1-7

Adam and Eve and their children had a unique relationship with God because they had walked with Him.  Because of this, I'm sure it gave them a greater understanding of His greatness.  It is something I know I cannot fully understand because I have never seen God.  I cannot imagine or comprehend His greatness.  Going through the book of Genesis, I am now at the story of Cain and Abel, where we get a glimpse of how God's greatness can and should be our primary motivator.  I am looking at the first half of the story today and I will finish it tomorrow.  Please read Genesis 4:1-7.

In the past, I couldn't understand why God accepted Abel's gift and not Cain's.  I wondered if it was because Abel gave meat and Cain gave grain; however, something else was happening in this story.  Please notice the difference in the wording.  Cain gave God some of his harvest while Abel gave the best portions of his firstborn of the flock to God.  It seems that the difference was the recognition of who God is.  For those of you who are parents, think about when a child gives you a homemade gift.  They are so proud and excited to give it to you because they did their best on their project.  When Abel was giving his gift, he was giving his best to God; however, it almost sounds as if Cain didn't give his best.  Notice that verse 3 says that Cain gave some of the crops.  We are not told, but given the wording of Abel's gift it seems that perhaps Cain's gift wasn't his best.

This just makes me think of what I give to God.  Am I always giving Him the best of me, or am I giving Him some of me?  There is a difference.  I think if I could keep God's greatness at the forefront of my mind, I would always be giving Him my best.  But I have to admit that is not what I always give Him because there are times when I am more focused on me.  Do you see the problem?  The minute I am focused more on me is the moment I have diminished who God is in my mind.  In that moment I have put me before Him.  God wants the best of us not our left-overs.  So, when we are serving in church, He wants us to be giving our best effort in what we are doing.  When we are serving our neighbors, we are to be serving them as if we were serving ourselves because that would be giving our best.  When we give our best, we are acknowledging God's greatness.

Do you give your best?

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