Monday, April 2, 2012


John 18:1-14

I love my friends.  It hurts me when I realize that I have hurt a friend because I do not want to intentionally hurt anyone.  There have been times when I have thought that I may have offended or hurt a friend, and it kept me up all night wishing I could rectify it right away.  When we are hurt by a friend, it can feel like a betrayal.  But the reality is that most people do not go around trying to hurt their friends purposely; we usually hurt others because we are reacting to something else.  What about a real betrayal?  Maybe a friend shared a deep secret with others or they did something that they knew would hurt you.  What if you knew ahead of time that they were going to betray you?  Would you let them, or would you do whatever it took to stop the betrayal from happening?  Please read John 18:1-14.

Reading through these verses, we see that Jesus was aware of the betrayal that was about to happen, yet He approached Judas and the soldiers anyway.  He knew that the time for prophecy to be fulfilled.  Even though Jesus knew why they were there, He still asked, "Who are you looking for."  Did you notice what happened when they answered that they were looking for Jesus?  When Jesus answered, "I am He," they all fell to the ground.  I just wonder what the soldiers had to be thinking when that happened.  Do you think they realized the great power that came from Christ when He declared who He was?  I know they were Roman soldiers and not Jews; however, did they wonder who this person was they were coming to arrest?

Even when Peter cut the ear off a soldier, we are told in Luke that Jesus healed the man's ear.  So much power was witnessed by the soldiers that night in the garden and Jesus could have stopped everything at that moment but instead He went along with the soldiers peacefully.  Jesus knew that this was to happen in order that we should all be saved.  How prophetic the words of Ciaphas when he said that it would be better for one man to die for all the people...he just didn't know what exactly that would mean.

It is easy for all of us to look at this scene and some of the references of Judas leading up to it and judge his heart.  However, I wonder how many times I betrayed my beautiful Savior?  How many times did I fail to do what was right out of fear, pride, or selfishness and Jesus knew that was I going to fail yet He chose to die for me anyway?  It is the fact that our sin is a betrayal to our Creator that Jesus came to die.  So, even though Judas' betrayal as a friend had to hurt; this was the very reason that Christ came to earth.  He came to make everything right again.  He came to forgive.  He came to heal us and to make us whole.

Are you grateful for Jesus' unfailing love?

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  1. Oh yes! I am incredibly grateful for His unfailing love! That He came to save us (and me) is amazing! I am blessed to be loved by the King!


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