Tuesday, April 3, 2012


John 18:15-27

Have you ever denied anything?  Maybe it was because of fear or it was because you were trying to be someone different.  Either way, a moment came when you denied that part of who you were.  When I was in school, I often acted different from who I really was because I just wanted to fit in somewhere.  I had friends who never really got a chance to see all of who I was because I was afraid to admit some parts of myself to them.  Even though they never asked me questions about those things, I still denied it by hiding it.  Today, I am looking at the account of Peter's denial of Jesus in the book of John.  Please read John 18:15-27.

I have to admit that I always wonder what would have happened in these scenes if Peter would have stood up for who he really was.  Would the people around him done something horrible to him, or would they have asked him questions about what is it was like to follow Jesus?  Who knows, and it really doesn't matter because that is not what happened.  Peter was probably afraid because his whole entire world had just been turned upside down.  Think about the last 24 hours he had with Jesus and the rest of the disciples.  Jesus shared so much intimacy with them and shared so much of who He was with them and then Jesus was taken away to go to trial for nothing.  If Jesus, who is God, was on trial for nothing, what would happen to Peter if people connected him with Jesus?

But here's the thing...Peter is not the only person to deny Jesus.  Don't we deny Him each time we worry and forget that He knows exactly what is best for us?  Don't we sometimes deny Him the opportunity to comfort us when we are afraid or hurting?  Don't we deny who we are in Him every time we act out of our sinful nature rather than our new nature in Christ?  Don't we deny Him whenever we don't spend time with Him in prayer and in the Bible.  Our denial of Christ just isn't possible with the people we are around; our denial can happen with ourselves as we put other things before Him.  Just like we can feel conviction at the time we deny His work in us, Peter knew what he did as soon as he did it.  But we also know the end of the story; Jesus forgave Peter and Jesus forgave us.  I am so thankful for His grace!  When we stop denying His presence in our lives we can witness His incredible work.

How does Christ want to work in you today?

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