Thursday, April 5, 2012

"I Find Him Not Guilty"

John 19:1-16

One of the things that I pray over my children is that God would give them the strength each day to do what honors Him.  I pray that no matter what their peers are doing, they would have the courage to make the wise choice and to do the right thing.  Even as an adult, there is still a peer pressure that we can feel while at work.  For example, maybe it is too easy to engage in gossip while at the water cooler.  The verses that I am reading today shows that we can even be in a position of authority and know what is right but still succumb to the pressure of the majority.  Please read John 19:1-16.

Yesterday, I looked at Jesus' trial with Pilate, and even though I focused on His accusers' worry about defilement I still read through the account.  One of the things that struck me about the trial was the fact that it was a farce because Pilate really didn't find any guilt on Jesus.  Even though Pilate found no guilt, we read today that he still had Him flogged anyway because that was what the Jews wanted.  Already, we see how Pilate wasn't nearly as concerned about doing the right thing as he was concerned about making everyone happy.

After Jesus was flogged, we see that Pilate once again tells the crowd that Jesus is not guilty.  But instead of just making a decision and letting Him go, Pilate went before the crowd and asked them what they wanted.  Pilate was full of fear because he knew there was a chance that Jesus was God; however, His fear of the crowd was greater.  Pilate's supposed indecision over this situation was his decision.  Just because he didn't like it or support it, he still allowed it.

Before we shake our heads and point our fingers at Pilate, we need to look at ourselves.  When have we failed to make a decision when we knew what was right and just let it go instead?  When have we chosen to turn away and pretend that we don't see something?  When we fail to make a decision, we are still making a decision to do nothing.  So, when we see the mistreatment of someone and we choose to turn away, we are making a decision to not help.  When we are not responding in a way that honors God, we are dishonoring Him.  Honoring God sometimes takes courage, but God is the One who gives us the strength to do it.

What opportunities is God giving you today to honor Him?

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  1. This is good! I have been wrestling with these same questions lately. Thank you for the conviction!

  2. People pleasing is something I struggle with and God is working on me about it. I finally had to ask myself, who is more important making God happy or people?
    Very convicting post!


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