Friday, April 6, 2012

No Greater Love

John 19:16-42

Today is Good Friday, the day that we recognize Jesus' crucifixion.  This truly was the greatest act of love that God extended to us.  Jesus, who had no guilt, chose to suffer the consequences of our actions by taking our sins, shame, guilt and punishment on His shoulders.  He did this because only God has the power to conquer the punishment of death.  In all honesty, I have nothing to say because His love overwhelms me and His willingness to go through everything we have read about this week is such selflessness.  Please read through John's account of His crucifixion knowing that there is hope at the end of the story.  Come back tomorrow to read about the greatest reason for our hope.  May you be blessed and your eyes be opened to the immense love of our Creator.  John 19:16-42.

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  1. His sacrifice still amazes me...God Bless and have a wonderful Easter Sunday!


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