Thursday, April 19, 2012

Planting the Garden

Genesis 2:8-17

When God created the world, He knew He had made something special.  When He looked at all He created, He said that it was very good.  As I looked at the account of creation yesterday, I looked at the beautiful way He created humans.  God desired us to be like Him and breathed His breath of life into us.  It was such an intimate and amazing thing He had done in the creation of humans and we were set apart from the rest of creation.  Moving on in Genesis, we can read a little about the garden He created in the land called Eden.  Please read Genesis 2:8-17.

We are not given a ton of details about the garden except that God had planted it Himself with a variety of wonderful trees full of delicious fruit.  Since we know that He created the garden as a home for Adam, I just imagine the wonderful care He used as He planted the garden.  I wonder if He had pleasure knowing that Adam was going to enjoy a particular fruit the most.  I think of when we moved to a different house recently and we were painting the kid's bedrooms.  My husband and I had fun going to the paint store to look at swatches and bringing a sample home for the kids to make their final decision.  At one point, even though our daughter had chosen a light blue to put on her walls we noticed some decals that were perfect for her.  They were peace signs (which she thinks is very cool) in various colors and sparkles that matched and contrasted with the color of her walls perfectly.  We had to buy them knowing that it would make her bedroom feel even more like home for her.  Our boys wanted the walls painted in the colors of their favorite football team and even though it was a lot more work, we painted their walls in stripes of those colors.  It gave us a lot of pleasure to make their rooms into something that reflected their personality and something that they would really like.  I'm sure, planting the garden gave God great pleasure as He knew how much Adam would enjoy it.

There is something else that I thought of as I was reading these verses because I enjoy gardening.  Even though at this point the garden was just as God intended it to be, He created it in a way that Adam would have to tend the garden.  Adam would have to trim the trees and pick the fruit.  Since I know how much work even a small garden can be, I'm sure this was a full time job!  We will find out later that he didn't necessarily have to contend with weeds; however, even just taking care of the plants themselves can be work.  God made us to be busy - not crazy busy, but to have something to do.  But I think of how God created the garden for Adam to live and work, and then I think of my life.  Even though I cannot see things clearly, I can rest assured that God has me where He wants me and He has a job for me to do.  Jesus referred to the harvest of souls (Matthew 9:36-38), and I think that His metaphor is interesting.  Just as God made Adam a gardener, we are also gardeners of the souls around us.  We are to be looking around us and tending to the garden God placed us in and care for the garden.

Are you tending the garden you have been placed in?

This post is linked with Proverbs 31.

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