Friday, April 20, 2012

United Into One

Genesis 2:18-25

In less than two weeks, my husband and I will be celebrating our 19th anniversary.  There is no other person that knows me as well as my husband knows me, and I can say the same for how intimately that I know my husband.  We have shared a lot of wonderful experiences together and have lived through many changes throughout our marriage.  It is such an amazing idea how two people can be united into one, but we have experienced what that means.  When my husband is hurting, I am hurting.  When my husband is joyful and excited, I am excited for him as well.  There is a reason that such a bonding and unity happens and it is mentioned in Genesis 2:18-25.

God knew that Adam shouldn't be alone and needed a person to share the work of tending the garden.  What God did next was interesting because He could have just created a female out of the dust just as He created Adam.  But that is not what He did!  He took one of Adams ribs and used it to create Eve.  So, Adam was not only excited about having another human in the garden with him, but he was excited about the fact that she was created from a part of himself.  We are told that this is why when a man and woman join together they become one.

When I was studying Ephesians and then again in Colossians, the word submit came up in how we are to relate to one another.  Ephesians 5:21-26 speaks of what that means for a wife and a husband.  One of the things I discovered was that the Greek word for submit also means to share the burden.  When looking at marriage with the New Testament word of submission and then looking back at Genesis it really is beautiful.  God created Eve not only so Adam wouldn't be alone, but He created her to be a help-mate for Adam.  He created Eve to share the burden with Adam!  So, when we as wives follow the lead of our husbands, we truly are lifting up the burden with him.  When husbands love their wives, they are also sharing the burden.  It is a mutual submission that looks different for each partner, but that is equally important.  When we are mutually submitting in these ways with each other, we strengthen that bond of unity with each other.

How are you submitting in your marriage?

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