Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Where Did That Fear Come From?

Genesis 3:6-13

If you are a parent, you know that it is challenging at times to help your children understand what is right and wrong.  Sometimes, when you go and talk to your children about something that you want to correct you find that they don't understand what the bigger issue is and they are focusing on something much smaller.  For example, it would be like your children bringing some food into the living room when you have a rule about no food in the living room.  Suppose they wrestle while they are in the living room and spill the food and their focus is on the fact that they spilled the food rather than the fact that they broke the rule about having food in the living room in the first place.  The story of Adam and Eve is very similar.  Yesterday, I looked at the problem with the fact that Eve chose to trust the serpent over God, today I want to look at what became another issue as a result of their sin.  Please read Genesis 3:6-13.

The New Living Translation tells us that they felt shame because they were naked, but the New International Version does not use the word shame.  When I looked it up on BlueLetterBible.com, the word shame is not part of the original Hebrew.  We are told that they were aware of their nakedness, which may be why the word shame was used in the NLT.  That did get my attention because Adam and Eve became aware of the fact that they were naked and that is what they chose to focus on.  Notice what Adam told God - he hid because he knew he was naked and was afraid.

Sin is ugly, there is no way around that truth.  Sin also perverts the truth and distorts our vision.  Don't you find it interesting that Adam and Eve at that point were not afraid because they disobeyed God?  Do you notice how they immediately replaced the truth and problem of their sin with having fear over their nakedness.  Isn't it interesting that they were afraid to be naked in front of God when they had been naked the entire time they existed and God never condemned them?  The thing is, we all do this, we become fearful and forget the truth about God.  The Bible tells us that God does not give us fear (2 Timothy 1:7), in fact we are told that anything good and perfect comes from God (James 1:17).  In our shame, we begin to believe that lies are truth and we forget all that we know about our Creator.  We begin to believe in condemnation that isn't ours and forget the sin that originally brought us to where we began to feel fear.  Whenever you feel fear, know that the fear does not come from God and find the root of the fear.  Confess your sin to God and pray for His strength to keep you from repeating that sin.  Know that in Christ you are forgiven.

Are you experiencing a misplaced fear?

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  1. Very thought-provoking words, Sharon! We did a brief series/discussion in church a few weeks ago over Genesis and the same ideas were brought up-- A new awareness of our nakedness, but how we often misplace or readjust that fear.

    I am sure that if we all think about it, God would reveal several misplaced fears in our life. Currently: My want to compulsively plan my day is really a fear of losing control. (Which I should lose control and trust HIM!) :-)

    1. Yes, when we ask Him to show us where we are misplacing guilt or fear He will reveal it to us.

  2. "Adam and Eve became aware of the fact that they were naked and that is what they chose to focus on." You hit it with this. Why do we so often focus down rather than up?

    Visiting from SDG

    1. I know! I guess it is easier because that is what we so easily see.

  3. Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts.


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