Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chasing Vultures

Genesis 15:6-11

I have fond memories of the church my husband and I attended while we were in college.  Part of the reason is because we were married there the week after we graduated and spent the first three months of our marriage there before we moved away.  But another reason is because of how much the church drew us in and loved on us as very young adults.  During my sophomore year, the church was burned down by an arsonist and I witnessed how the church bonded together for the next two years to overcome many hurdles while building a new structure for the church.  We were told by the city that the lot we were on would no longer meet the new building codes for the size structure we needed because we would need more parking space.  The senior pastor felt God had shown him the property we were to build on but when he approached the owner he was not interested in selling.  In fact, when the pastor told him how much the church could pay for the property, the land owner laughed at him.  But our pastor didn't give up because he knew that was the property that God wanted for our church.  To make a long story short, the land owner eventually sold the property to the church for the original price the pastor offered him and he came to Christ in the process.  Often God gives us a dream and things don't seem to move in the direction we thought would take us to the fulfillment of the dream but we need to chase the fears away and keep trusting in God's promises.  Please read Genesis 15:6-11.

In these verses we read about God reminding Abram about His original promise of the land Abram was going to inherit.  Keep in mind that this was years after Abram originally heard the first call to leave his family and go to the land God would show him.  None of the promises God had given Abram about the land had been fulfilled yet and Abram even dealt with some obstacles toward that promise.  Not only that, the land was already claimed by many other kings.  But Abram obeyed God and did the next step that God had given him toward the promise - he sacrificed the animals that God wanted.  But notice verse 11; vultures came down to feed on the sacrifice.  Don't you find it interesting that God made sure that detail was put in the Bible?  It made me think because it seemed like a random detail to throw into the story when we were not given an incredibly detailed account of the process it took for Abram to get the animals.

Our dreams can be like that as well.  We can do what we feel is the next step that God wants us to take toward a dream He planted in our heart and still seem like we are facing obstacles.  We may have even made some sacrifices as an act of obedience to God and see some vultures swooping down to feed on the sacrifices.  Those vultures can be things like judgement and misunderstanding of others, or anything/anyone that can take away the joy of sacrificing to God.  But notice Abram's response to the vultures; he chased them away.  He didn't let them stay to feed on the sacrifice that was meant only for God.  That should be our response as well.  When we know that we are being obedient to what God asked of us we can just chase away the vultures that are trying to destroy our joy in giving to God.  Vultures are a fact of life; however, we don't have to accept their results in our lives and our dreams.  We have the power in the Name of Jesus to take hold of the vision God placed on our hearts and to tell the vultures to leave.  Jesus has authority over all things including doubt, fear, and insecurity.  Let's chase the vultures away from our sacrifice and dreams!

What vultures are trying to feed on your sacrifices?  Do you believe that Christ has authority over those vultures?

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  1. Oh yes, the Lord stomps on vultures! He is so good to fight our battles for us if we ask and let him. Thank you Jesus... That's a wonderful story about your church coming together. Simply wonderful!

  2. What is also wonderful is that He allows us to be a part of the process!


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