Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cities of the Plain

Genesis 13:10-18

There so many things in this life that can entice us as we are making choices.  So many of the choices we make involve a moral pull because this life is full of things that we shouldn't do.  We find ourselves in a position where we have to choose between living in a way that pleases God or in a way that pleases our desires.  Each and every day is full of little choices and every now and then a much larger choice comes our way that can have a huge effect on us in the future.  All this week I have been looking at the decisions and choices we make by studying the life of Abraham.  Yesterday, I looked at Abram's wisdom in choosing to trust God and allowing Lot to choose where he wanted to live.  Today, I want to look at Lot's decision.  Please read Genesis 13:10-18.

As Lot and Abram looked at the land around them and realized there was tension building between their herdsmen, Abram suggested that in order to preserve their relationship they should part ways peacefully.  As part of this truce, Abram let Lot have first choice of where he wanted to live to show that Abram cared more about their relationship than land.  As Lot looked around, he saw that the land near the Jordan River was beautiful and fertile.  It seemed to make perfect sense to go to the land that was well watered and thriving, so Lot chose to live in the land by the river near the city of Sodom.  There were some problems with that choice; notice what we are told in verse 13, "But the people of this area were extremely wicked and constantly sinned against the Lord." 

When we choose to go toward what entices us, there will be other sacrifices that we make.  Every choice has a sacrifice: we either sacrifice our relationship with God or we sacrifice our human desires.  This is why it is so important to prioritize the things in our life.  What sets your priorities?  Is growing your relationship with God the priority that sets all other priorities?  If we do not have God as our number one priority, we will always be struggling with making choices that do not please God but pleases ourselves.  When we do not have pleasing God as our first priority, we will find that we are sacrificing our relationship with Him in order to please our other desires.  Lot was not concerned with the lifestyle of where he was choosing to live and did not consider how that choice might affect him.  As we continue through the book of Genesis, we will see that this choice had some serious consequences with some being tragic.

What are the priorities in your life?  Does God determine all your other priorities?

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  1. I would take this even a step further. Yes, God does have to be our first priority, but in order to give that hands and feet, we have to know Him well enough, to remain close enough to Him to know what He would have us do. We need to know where to look for Him, to have a heart that yearns for Him. That's when we know whether to emigrate to the plain.

    Visiting from Grace Cafe.

    1. Yes...when we set our first priority on God that will ultimately be our desire: to learn more about Him so we understand what pleases Him.

      Thanks for sharing!

  2. As I read this post, I think of how we tend to want easy, we want the better, we want the greener grass. However, when we step out on our own, without seeking God, we are bound to fail. Many times God's way seems longer and more difficult, but when we seek Him and respond to Him, we can save ourselves a lot of strife.

    Thank you for sharing this and for linking up this week.



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