Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dignity and Respect

Genesis 9:18-29

We live in a culture where we enjoy making fun of people when they do something foolish.  Instead of ignoring the behavior, we post it on some type of media service so everyone can see it.  The age of media has grown and expanded so rapidly and we haven't quite figured out how to use it respectfully.  So many things are said on the internet through YouTube, vlogs, or blogs that we wouldn't necessarily say to someone directly; however, we just put it out there for the entire world to view.  That is an interesting thought, isn't it?  The idea of someone's dignity isn't considered when we put something out on the internet, but even though we are still grappling with new territory we need to remember that God wants us to love each other not ridicule each other.  Please read Genesis 9:18-29.

I know that this story may not seem all that big of a deal because Ham went and told his brothers that his father was lying in the tent naked; however, consider that there were bigger implications in this story.  It may seem mild compared to the fact that we hear stories on the news of people videoing someone in a similar situation and putting it on the internet.  But consider the deeper issue...respect.  Ham's reaction was one of immaturity and disrespect because it seems that he didn't go and tell his brothers so he could get help in restoring their father's dignity.  He was telling them just to tell them.  Shem and Japheth chose to cover their father so he maintain some dignity.  They chose to turn away so they were not looking at him and could not see him naked.

This can be convicting when you think about dignity and respect.  It makes me ask myself how often have I told someone something just for the sake of telling.  How many times have I pushed aside the consideration of someone else's dignity just so I could say something?  Our response should be more like Shem's and Japheth's and protect the dignity of others to show that we respect them.  This isn't about whether or not we are given the same respect in return; this is about how we are to respond to one another with love.  In John 15, Christ tells us that love is what He wants to see from us - love for Him and love for others.  In fact, the word love is mentioned ten times in this chapter!  This is the heart of Christ.

Do you love the people around you and protect their dignity?

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