Friday, May 18, 2012

Consider the Consequences

Genesis 14:1-16

War has serious consequences when you consider the loss of life of so many soldiers; however, there are often victims who were not involved in the battles.  Today, we are going to look at the first war that is mentioned in the Bible.  It is obvious by the way it is worded in the Bible that this is not the first time battles have been raged, it is just the first time that it has been mentioned.  All this week, I have explored how it is so important to seek God as we make decisions and yesterday I looked at Lot's decision to live among the cities of the Jordan River.  On the surface it looked like a good place because it was an area that would support his livestock and household; however, we are also told that the people in this area were very wicked.  Today we are going to look at the first major consequence that happened as a result of his choice to live there.  Please read Genesis 14:1-6.

In these verses we see that there were some kings in the region who were rebelling against King Kedorlaomer who they had been subject to.  Lot had chosen to live near Sodom and Gomorrah which were cities that were a part of this rebellion.  It is obvious reading in these verses the strength of King Kedorlaomer's army along with his allies because it seems that he conquered every city he encountered.  When it came for Sodom and Gomorrah's battle, they fled and many of them fell into tar pits.  As a result the cities were plundered and Lot and his household was taken captive.  When Abram found out, he began to mobilize his household to rescue Lot.

I don't know about you, but when I read that Abram had 318 trained men who were born into his household I was overwhelmed.  This gives us an idea of how vast his wealth was!  But even more amazing was the fact that with 318 men, he was able to overcome a combined army and get Lot back.  Lot's capture was a consequence of his decision to live there that would not have necessarily been predicted; however, if a rebellion was brewing there were probably some signs of a future battle.  There was probably talk among the people of combining forces agains King Kedorlaomer.  Notice the difference with Abram's choice to stay where he was at; he had peace with the people in the area.  There were no major rebellions, just some neighbors who wanted to live in peace with one another.

When we are making choices, we can look around and see the signs of wisdom of foolishness.  There are outcomes that we can never predict; however, we can save ourselves from a lot of problems if we just look at some of the circumstances surrounding our decisions.  For example, when looking for a job are we looking just at the pay and benefits or are we also looking at the overall work environment?  When we seek God and ask Him for wisdom, He can open our eyes about what to look for.  Setting our first priority on God will also cause us to learn and seek out what pleases Him which will also help us make better choices.  This will help us to consider the potential consequences.

Are you praying for wisdom when making decisions?  Are you seeking to live a life that has God's direction as your direction?

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  1. Yes! When we stay close to God, our lives are blessed because God keeps us from making wrong choices. We need God. Every day.

    Thanks, Sharon, for pointing us to the right direction. Abundant blessings!

    1. We truly do need God every day. Thank you for stopping by, Mari-Anna!


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