Thursday, June 14, 2012

Declining Values

Genesis 19:30-38

Have you ever noticed that one bad decision usually breeds another?  When we make a poor choice it brings us even closer to other temptations and poor choices.  We may not even notice this decline because it happens over time and it doesn't seem so bad.  I would liken it to a poor diet.  One thing I noticed is that I tend to crave sweet foods and the more I eat something sweet the more I crave it and over time I am eating more and more sweet things throughout the day.  In order to eat healthy, it requires purposeful decisions and actions on my part but it requires absolutely no thought at all to consume unhealthy foods.  As I have been reading about Lot's experience with Sodom, I have looked at how the culture he chose to live in was having an effect on his moral values.  Today, I want to look at some of the results of his lifestyle.  Please read Genesis 19:30-38.

Lot chose to live among the cities of the plain when it was time to separate with Abraham.  At the time, he wasn't concerned with the surrounding culture because he was attracted to the fertile land.  This decision caused him to be captured in a war and it eventually caused him to lose his home.  But I also looked at the reality that this decision caused him to live in a culture that angered God.  This culture was changing Lot, but today we also see how growing up in this culture caused his family to have declining values.  Reading through these verses, we see how preserving Lot's family line was more important to live in a way that was pleasing to God.  So, Lot's daughters chose to be deceptive in order to have a child.

The thing that is even more interesting is that both boys became nations: the Moabites and Ammonites.  Both of these nations have a history of opposing the Israelites after the exodus out of Egypt.  At times, the Moabites and Ammonites worked closely together and worshiped the same gods.  Unfortunately, their dominant god was Molech and it is also believed that they may have worshiped Baal.  It is believed that their worship of Molech required human sacrifice, a practice that angered God.  This nation wasn't birthed overnight; however, their roots were in Sodom and the poor choices of Lot's daughters.  We can see how these decisions probably led the descendants further and further away from God.  These nations are a dramatic demonstration of how easy it is to allow our godly values to decline and be set aside.  It doesn't take effort to lose our values; however, it takes purposeful effort to keep godly values.  We need to live on purpose!

Do you purposely choose to live in a way that pleases God?

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  1. "It doesn't take effort to lose our values; however, it takes purposeful effort to keep godly values. We need to live on purpose!" Amen to this. Love your post and study. Visiting from Intentional Me. Blessings!

  2. Sharon, you are absolutely right that one bad decision breeds another. We don't always step into evil, we sometimes slide into it. So important to keep my eyes on God, His highest, His best. Settling for less becomes sin in a heartbeat.
    Visiting from Grace Cafe.

    1. That is so true about settling for less easily becoming sin! Thank you for sharing.

  3. That is so true... Once we taste one temptation we want another bite... And I've often pondered why Lot lived in Sodom. Very thought provoking post to be sure. Have a great day!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Kathleen.

  4. Hi Sharon,
    These lessons need to be taught to our young people TODAY!
    Yes, Jesus loves us, but we need to teach that bad decisions DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE to the next generations, and that much suffering comes from them.
    It breaks my heart to know just how much God gives chances to us, and we still make wrong decisions.
    Here HE saved Lot, just to have two terrible nations that hated Him and He hated to be Birthed!

  5. I've always read the stories of Lot and his family and think, wow, how could they have wandered so far from the truth? But like you said, we all can, little compromises at a time. It takes intentional living to walk by faith. Great post!

  6. Sharon - you are so right. I'm reminded of the verse in 1 Corinthians that speaks of bad company corrupting good morals. I know that in the past my husband and I made some poor choices in the company we kept. (I call that our prodigal years.) While I'm not blaming anyone for our choices, the influences we had were not good. Praise God that He brought us back to Him!



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