Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Don't Look Back

Genesis 19:12-29

God has taken me very far in my walk with Him.  Even though I have known Him all my life, He has brought me through so much and has grown me into the person I am today.  The awesome thing is knowing that He is still growing me by showing me things that still need to change.  But in order for that growth to continue happening, I have to follow God's lead and I have to keep looking forward and not long for what was.  Yesterday, I started looking at the angels' visit to Lot and today I am reading about the destruction of Sodom.  Please read Genesis 19:12-29.

I have to admit that I am feeling pulled in many directions this morning as I read these verses because there are so many lessons that can be found in this story.  I am trying really hard to stay on one topic; however, there are a few things that I will comment on briefly because I think they are important points to consider.  I first want to remind you what I looked at yesterday to set the stage.  Two men who were angels came to Sodom and stayed the night with Lot.  When the men of the city found out, they came as a mob to Lot's house and demanded he turn the men over to them so they could have sex with them.  The angels caused all the men to become blind so they went away.  Things were pretty bad in Sodom and God had made the decision to destroy it, which is where we are picking up today.

The first thing that I noticed is that Lot went to his daughters' fiances to warn them to leave the city because it was going to be destroyed.  They thought Lot was only joking and didn't take his warnings seriously.  We still see that today as people mock the idea that we need a Savior.  I think that is important to consider because when we are used to a certain lifestyle we cannot see how it is wrong.  People cannot see that God is unhappy and there will be consequences unless we turn to Christ.  This is a perfect example of how people can hear the truth but they accept it as a joke.  We cannot save a person, but we can give them the truth.  How the truth is accepted in their heart is between their choice.

The next thing that stuck out at me was Lot's hesitation to leave the city.  Lot knew and understood that he had to leave, but he still required the angels to take his hands and pull him out of the city.  When we choose to follow Christ, we have to sacrifice some things that we think is great.  As we are shown the way to salvation, we may hesitate to give up a lifestyle we enjoy and find comfort in.  It is hard for us to see how God has better plans for us and wants us to see salvation.  But this is no joke and there is no time to hesitate.  When God is calling for change we need to find the urgency in the situation and go.

The last thing I want to consider is the fact that Lot's wife looked back.  If we are looking back to say, "Look at what God has brought me from!" we are also looking forward.  But if we are looking back missing "the good old days," we really haven't fully embraced and understood what God has rescued us from.  We need to accept that God is not all about rules on how to live, He is all about us understanding who He is and how much He loves us.  When we accept those truths there is no need to look back and miss our former life.  We cannot look back longingly because it will only draw us back.

Do you fully accept the changes God asked of you is to save you?

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