Friday, June 22, 2012

God Will Provide the Lamb

Genesis 22:3-24

Yesterday, I explored what our responses are to God when He asks us to sacrifice something that is near and dear to our hearts.  I am humbled greatly by Abraham's response because he got up and set off early the next day to do what God asked - to sacrifice Isaac.  Today, I want to look at even further how great Abraham's faith and relationship with God was.  The verses I am looking at pick up right where I had left off yesterday; please read Genesis 22:3-24.

As I was reading through these verses, Abraham said something to Isaac that stuck in my heart.  Isaac inquired where the lamb was for the offering, and Abraham's reply was, "God will provide the lamb."  What an amazing statement of faith!  This makes me think again of my own responses when God asks something that seems too difficult.  Do I respond knowing that when He is asking me to give something up that He will provide in its place?  When I was a child, my mom used to say, "God only takes something away to give us something better."  It is just so hard in that moment to imagine that something could be better than what we are so comfortable with!  It is hard to imagine that doing something that is going to bring pain will be replaced joy.

"God will provide the lamb."  Abraham spoke with such great faith, yet I don't know if he realized how prophetic that statement was!  God certainly provided the Lamb - the Lamb that would cover the sins of all who believe.  Don't you find it interesting that in that moment God provided a ram?  I know theologians have looked at this moment in the Bible as symbolic of the great sacrifice God would make through Jesus - the Lamb of God.  It was almost as if God was saying, "Not yet.  My Lamb will come and will cover the sins of all."  Abraham sacrificed the ram and called that place "Yahweh-Yireh," which means the Lord will provide.

He surely is our Provider, and He truly loves us deeply.  His love for us is greater than we can comprehend and we can trust that God will provide.  He has already provided for our greatest need: life.  Without Christ we are dying an eternal death, but through the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross we are made whole.  We are no longer separated from God because of sin; the Lamb of God made us right with God.  When we believe and accept the need for the Lamb, we receive eternal life.  With our greatest need already provided, we have the assurance that God knows all our needs and will provide.  He is our Yahweh-Yireh.

Do you believe that God will provide something even better than what He has asked you to sacrifice?

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