Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Immediate Response

Genesis 17

I've gotten a little behind over the last week due to some travel we did over the weekend.  My husband and I had the opportunity to go to a retirement party for his parents.  His dad has been a pastor for over 40 years and was at his current church for 21 years.  Since my husband and I had lived in the area for a few years, we have grown to know the people in the church, and it was a blessing to connect with some people we haven't seen for about 12 years.  It was a good reminder to look through their album of the different churches they served to remind me of how God has different things planned for us at different life stages.  I remember twenty years ago feeling like life couldn't get started soon enough and now I find myself wondering what God has in store for my future.  Now that I am in my 40's, I see that God has something special planned for us no matter how old we are.  When my father in law moved his current church, he had two sons in college and one finishing up high school.  Yet, God was starting something new for him and my mother in law; who would have guessed they would have stayed for 21 years!  And now, here they are looking at a new beginning wondering what God has in store for them.  How fitting it is to look one more time at the big picture we are given in Genesis 17 when Abraham is 100 years old and Sarah is 90.  Please read Genesis 17.

For as crazy as everything sounded, Abraham still chose to believe and follow God's direction.  Notice Abraham's reaction to all the promises God gave him in this covenant; he immediately circumcised every male in his household.  We are told in verses 26-27 that everyone was circumcised on that same day.  Does that say anything to you?  I am struck by Abraham's immediate obedience; he didn't decide to take care of it tomorrow he did it the same day.  I think of my own obedience and the the timing of my obedience.  I may obey, but is my obedience immediate, or do I think it is something I can take care of tomorrow?  Looking at Abraham's example, we see that immediate obedience is best because we do not know what tomorrow brings.  These wonderful promises required Abraham's obedience.

God still wants obedience from us.  Jesus tells us in John 14:15, "If you love me, keep my commands."  This is how we show love to God; we obey Him.  Abraham showed his loyalty and love to God by immediately obeying God.  When I think of it, I know I appreciate it when I tell my children to do something once and they obey rather than when I have to say something to them repeatedly.  Why would I not show God the same respect and more!?  God doesn't want procrastination; He wants obedience.

Do you obey God immediately or do you wait for tomorrow?

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