Friday, June 29, 2012

Interesting Timing

Genesis 24:54-67

I was just having a conversation with a friend the other day about how interesting it is when God takes action.  So many times when we read a story in the Bible, we lose the context of time.  We don't always grasp how long it takes from a person's prayer or encounter with God to the moment of action.  Take Abraham, for example, he was promised a nation yet it took 25 years before Isaac was born!  Not only that, he was 100 years old and Sarah was 99; they waited almost all their lives for that moment.  Abraham wasn't even given his promise from God until he was in his seventies.  When we are just reading through the story or reading bits and pieces of it we lose that perspective.  This is another story with a perspective of time.  Earlier this week I mentioned that Isaac had to be older than thirty by the time Abraham sent his servant to find him a wife; however, I have since learned that he was 40 years old.  With that perspective of time in mind, please turn to Genesis 24:54-67.

Abraham waited 40 years for a wife for his son and sent his servant to his father's home to find a wife.  Through a miraculous answer of prayer, the servant received confirmation from God that he had found the wife for Isaac.  Not only had God confirmed that Rebekah was the one for Isaac, but Laban quickly agreed that God had led the servant to their household.  This is where God's timing is so interesting because it took 40 years to get to this point and now things were spinning so fast with no road blocks to be found.  The only potential road block was the servant's request to leave right away while the family asked for the traditional 10 days of saying good-bye to Rebekah.  Rebekah said she was willing to leave right away and left with the servant.  We see at the end of the chapter that Isaac loved Rebekah deeply.

It is worth waiting on God's timing rather than trying to create our own solutions.  Because Isaac waited, God blessed him with beautiful Rebekah who was a perfect wife for him.  But while the wait took so long, once God had things spinning in motion, things ended rapidly.  Have you ever experienced that as well?  Perhaps you have prayed for a long time, years even, and then suddenly God moved His hand in that situation and there was no stopping the forward motion!  In fact, when that happens things seem to move so fast, your head is spinning.  Things happen in a way that we never imagined would happen and we can rejoice in the way God moves.  He is so creative and He sees a much bigger picture than we can, so we can trust His timing.  Don't be discouraged; keep waiting on God because when He begins to move in your situation there will be no keeping up with Him!

Are you waiting and praying for something?  Are you prepared for God amazing movement when it happens?

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  1. you always pierc estraight to my heart, sharon.

    1. Thank you Kendal...I'm just writing what God is laying on my heart, so my heart is being pierced as well!


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