Thursday, June 7, 2012

Is Anything Too Hard For the Lord?

Genesis 18:1-15

When I was pregnant with my third child, we were renting a small upper apartment.  Our two boys ages three and one and half were sharing a room and barely fit with their toddler beds.  We began looking for a bigger place and we became acutely aware that in our small community if we wanted a bigger place we would need to buy a house.  Our cars were also too small to fit three car seats in the back seat, so we were finding ourselves needing a van.  The problem with all this was that our finances would not allow us to buy a house or a van.  One day in my worry about this I prayed and felt God speaking to my heart.  He told me that before my baby was born we would have a house and a van.  That seemed so impossible that I was sure I had put those words in my head out of wishful thinking, but I still hoped that I really heard from God.  Within a few weeks my husband was asked to consider leaving his career as a band teacher and go into ministry.  A church we had attended in Milwaukee called us in Illinois and asked Chris to apply for an associate pastor position.  To make a long story short, we chose to take a leap of faith and leave our jobs so Chris could go into ministry.  Before my daughter was born, we moved into the church parsonage and bought an older van from a family in the church for a price we could afford - we had a house and a van.  Nothing is impossible with God and He always does what He says He will do.  Please read Genesis 18:1-15.

In these verses we see God telling Abraham that the fulfillment of His promise for many descendants was going to start soon.  As Sarah heard God promising a son, she laughed because it seemed so impossible.  She was ninety years old and Abraham was one hundred!  But notice God's reaction in verse 14, "Is anything too hard for the Lord?"  Then He said it again: within a year they would have a son!  We see Sarah's reaction: fear.  That is understandable because first of all, we are told that she had spoken her doubt to herself in the tent.  Yet God knew how she felt and what she said and He called her on it.  That had to be very unsettling.

The thing we all need to remember is that nothing is impossible with God and He always keeps His promises.  This means that when we are given a promise that all who follow and believe Christ, we have a hope of eternal life (John 3:16).  Our hope is based on the fact that we know God is truth and love and we can trust that His promise for eternal life will happen.  Nothing is impossible and if God says that through Christ we are made whole and our sins are wiped away, we can believe that promise!  God always does what He says He will do!

Do you believe in God's promises?

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