Friday, June 1, 2012

Surprised By Absurdity

Sometimes we get surprised by God.  Sometimes His plan seems so out of our ability to concieve that our human imaginations think of the most logical answer.  But God doesn’t work in human logic with finite laws of physics and reason; God is infinite and so is His creativity.  There is no end to His power and there is no end to His love.  Earlier this week I looked at the reality that we are His children and we have a new name as part of His family.  What is the name we bear?  James wrote about the reality in James 2:6-7, “But you dishonor the poor!  Isn’t it the rich who oppress you and drag you into court?  Aren’t they the ones who slander Jesus Christ, whose noble name you bear?”  Today, we will read about God giving Sarai a new name and the promise that goes with it.  Please read Genesis 17:15-27.

God shared with Abraham how the promise for many descendants wasn’t just for Abraham, but it was a blessing that was to be shared with Sarah.  Notice how this didn’t match with Abraham’s paradigm because he was 100 years old and Sarah was 90; it seemed absurd to think that they would have a child at this point in their lives.  But God assured Abraham that the promise extended to Sarah meant that she would bear a son.  She would not be the mother of many nations through Hagar, but throught the amazing power of God. 

God’s plans often sound absurd to us as well!  After all, it was absurd to think that marching around a city and shouting would bring down the great walls.  It seemed absurd to have Gideon be a great warrior when he was the least of the least.  It was absurd to think that a shepherd boy who was the youngest in his family would become a beloved king of Israel and great warrior.  It was absurd to think that Jesus would come to earth to eat and drink with sinners.  It was absurd to think that Jesus who was the Word of God made human would come to earth and live a sinless life just to sacrifice Himself for us. It is absurd to think that we who believe bear the noble name of Jesus Christ.   And it is absurd that the Creator and Lord over all creation would use simple humans like you and me to carry out His plans.  It seems that God likes to surprise us with absurdity.

Has God given you a dream that seems absurd?  Do you believe that God can do even the absurd?

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  1. Hi Sharon,

    Great post! Sometimes I wonder if I am listening to my own absurd thoughts or if they are coming from God; ha! You are right though; we must listen and follow His direction with a leap of faith!

    Blessings and hugs,

  2. Funny, I never thought about God as engineering the absurd as much as His tendency to contradict what we normally think of as common sense. But maybe they are the same thing.

    Good thoughts.

  3. i have to admit that i struggle to believe in the "crazy" plans god has....i call my self a realist at those times, but truly, i am a doubter. oh that i could have faith like the greats. thanks for this reminder of his faithfulness.

  4. So true. God's ways are so far above man's that it is impossible to comprehend. Thank you for the encouraging post.

  5. Faith truly is doing even when we don't understand! Thanks for the reminder to follow Him where ever it may be!

  6. Yeah, I sure have trouble believing God's absurd promise to me. Even though parts of it have already come true, it's just so, well... out there!!! I mean, the chances of it are slim to none! Why me, of all the people? It seems so crazy. There's just so many factors that make it unbelievable. I have so much trouble believing it. No one around me does- they think I've gone mad.


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