Thursday, June 21, 2012

When God Calls

Genesis 22:1-3

Sometimes God asks something of us that requires giving up something we hold dear.  For me, He has asked me and my husband to move away from family and friends.  My testimony is that even though it felt like a big sacrifice, He has used those moves to grow my faith even more and give me opportunities I never would have imagined experiencing.  Reading through Genesis, I have been challenged by Abraham's great faith in God.  Everything that I have read so far has been complete obedience to God.  Over the next few days I will be looking at his faith and obedience even when God asked something that was extremely difficult.  Please read Genesis 22:1-3.

These verses are so challenging to read!  First, Abraham answered God's call immediately by saying, "Here I am."  This is such a wonderful example and reminder on how we are to be with God.  Are we always listening for His call and are we always willing to say, "Here I am."  Do we anticipate and delight in hearing from God, or do we shrink away?  Abraham lived a life where he was ready to answer God's call.  The second thing that is challenging is to see how God asked what seemed like an impossible thing for Abraham to do - sacrifice his son, Isaac.  The son whom God had chosen for the fulfillment of His promise with Abraham to become a great nation.  We read in these verses that the first thing the next morning Abraham set out to do what God had commanded.

I think about how we read last week that it was difficult for Abraham to send Ishmael off into the wilderness, so I cannot imagine how he must have felt on what he thought would be his last journey with his beloved son, Isaac.  But no matter how he felt about the matter, he obeyed and began the journey to sacrifice his son.  I can't even imagine what must have been going through his head when he thought about facing Sarah when he would have to come home without Isaac.  We will see later that God had different plans and was not going to allow Abraham to sacrifice Isaac; He was testing Abraham.

We each have something that we hold dear to our hearts and how would we respond if God asked us to give them up?  How will we respond when He asks us to sacrifice what we hold dear?  This is such a challenging question to ask of myself.  Will I respond with obedience?  Will I trust God's direction?  No matter what, God wants us to believe in Him and believe and trust Him.  What He asks of us is not always easy, but it is always what is best.

Do you willingly obey God when He calls?

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  1. I often wonder how Abraham must have felt when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. Yet he had such great faith and he was going to obey God no matter what. I ask myself, "Could I do that?" I'm sure I would be one to argue the point and ask, "Are you sure, God?" We can learn much from the life of Abraham. "And Abraham believed God..."

    1. Amen! I wonder the same thing because I often find myself asking, "Is this really how you want me to do this?" Thanks for visiting!


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