Friday, July 6, 2012

Don't Give Up the Vision!

Genesis 26:12-25

Sometimes God has given us a dream or call and then we face opposition in our progress toward that dream.  When we face those times it can be difficult to understand what is happening.  Maybe that opposition comes in the form of naysayers where people don't see in you what God has planned for you.  In fact, they may try to discourage you from doing exactly what you have been called to do.  The opposition may come in the form of road blocks such as financial difficulty or what seems like a lost opportunity.  But know this: when God has given you a calling, if you are following His direction there is NOTHING that can stop it from happening.  Isaac faced some opposition that seemed to be opposite of what God had told Abraham, but God gave him the encouragement that he needed.  Please read Genesis 26:12-25.

In these verses, we see that Isaac prospered under God's blessing.  But it was that very blessing that also seemed to cause problems for him because he was becoming extremely wealthy.  The Philistines didn't like this and they began to fill up his wells with dirt - the very wells Abraham had dug up.  King Abimelech basically kicked him out of the country and Isaac continued to face opposition until he was able to dig up a well at Rehoboth.  As I read through these verses, I thought of how discouraging this must have been for Isaac because all this land was part of the promise God gave Abraham.  I'm sure Isaac had to be wondering when it would finally happen, yet he pressed on.  But notice that God gave him the encouragement that he desperately needed.

If you have been following along with me, you may notice that God's encouragement sounded very similar to the encouragement he gave Isaac found at the beginning of Genesis 26.  God reminded Isaac that He was with him so there was no need to fear.  Consider for a moment what you are facing right now that may seem discouraging and remember the call that God gave you.  Maybe you are facing an opposition that seems scary; however, God wants you to remember that He is with you.  He is greater than anything the world will throw at you, even if the opposition seems so great.  He sees in you more than anyone else sees in you because He sees Christ in you.  He sees the work that is possible for you to accomplish through the power of the Holy Spirit.  So, when you face road blocks and naysayers remember that it is not your power or ability that your calling will be achieved; it is through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Don't be discouraged for God is with you.

Are you facing opposition?  Remember you are not alone!

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