Thursday, July 26, 2012

God Will Protect

Genesis 31:22-42

Yesterday, I looked at how Jacob was in a very oppressive environment and God pulled him out of it.  In fact, Jacob had to flee from Laban's home when the opportunity arose.  Six years earlier he had told Laban that it was time to go and he continued to work for Laban because Laban kept changing the bargain they had made with one another.  He knew that if he told Laban that it was time to leave that Laban would change the bargain again and God said it was time now.  So, Jacob got everything together (including his flocks and cattle) and left while Laban was away.  We are picking up the story today when Laban finds out what Jacob has done; please read Genesis 31:22-42.

In these verses, we see that Laban takes relatives with him and makes a grand speech about how he would have sent Jacob off with a proper feast and instead he slipped away.  One thing I have experienced is that a person who can be oppressive to people sometimes knows when to put on the charm for others.  It is almost as if they know what they are doing is wrong and they don't want others to see what they are doing.  But God was not going to let Laban harm Jacob and warned him to leave Jacob alone.  Even with that said, Laban wanted to make sure that he could have destroyed Jacob.

You may find similar situations in your life, or maybe you are there.  I know I have been there!  We can be in the middle of harm's way even though we were following God's direction, but God steps in and doesn't allow our destruction.  It may not even seem that way when you are in the middle of it, but hind-sight always shows us how it could have been so much worse without God's protection.  I met a lady during a prayer session that I have not seen since, so I cannot name her to credit the following quote.  She said that when she knows that she is following God but finding herself in a dangerous situation, she tells herself, "I am invincible until God calls me home."  In other words, we are not leaving this earth until God decides it is time for us to come to our heavenly home.  Even though Laban didn't realize it, but he was confirming what God had already told Jacob - God was protecting him.  And when you are His child, you can know that His protection is on you as well.

Do you trust in God's protection?

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  1. Hi Sharon! Great words you shared here... I do trust God's protection over my life-- but it is a constant struggle to REMEMBER that piece of things. You are so right-- it is sometimes hard to cling to the fact that God is protecting us when we are in the middle of a storm, feeling so close to being destroyed.

    But God ALWAYS comes through for us! Glad I found you on Thought-Provoking Thursday link up!

    1. It is hard to remember when we are in the thick of it! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Hi Sharon:

    Our pastor has made a similar statement, "You are immortal until God calls you home." It's true, God will keep us here on this earth until His purpose for us has been fulfilled.



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