Monday, July 2, 2012

A Long and Satisfying Life

Genesis 25:1-11

Every now and then I have wondered what people will think of my life when I am gone.  Will they think I lived my life well?  Will they think that I was a good wife or good mother?  Will they think that I lived my life with integrity?  Will they think that I was kind and cared for others?  Will they think that I lived a life that honored God?  Oh!  When I get to that question I remember that is all that counts - honoring God.  If I am honoring God, I am not thinking about what others think of my life because my focus is on living in a way that pleases God.  Today, I am continuing on through Genesis and finishing up the account of Abraham's life.  Please see what God had recorded in the Bible about Abraham's life in Genesis 25:1-11.

In these verses, we see that it was recorded that Abraham lived a long and satisfying life.  In fact, while he was well over 100 years old, we read that he had six more sons!  But it still is interesting to read that Abraham had a long and satisfying life when he never had a permanent home, always living in a tent.  Does that sound satisfying?  He was a very wealthy man, yet he was satisfied to live in a tent.  I think that is something to ponder because it says something about his character.  He knew that God had promised so much more for his descendants and he was willing to sacrifice a permanent home so that the promise would be fulfilled.  He understood that ultimately his satisfaction didn't come from whatever life gave him, but his satisfaction came from God.

I have been greatly blessed by God even though by American standards I am not wealthy.  However, if compared to much of the world, I have so much.  But that is not why I feel blessed.  I am blessed because the High King of Heaven, Creator of everything, would choose to hear my prayers and look into my heart and love me anyway.  I am blessed because through Christ I have been given the promise of eternal life and adopted into God's family.  I am blessed because not only does my Lord hear my prayers, but He listens and cares and provides what I need when I need it.  That knowledge is so wonderful and and awesome that it overwhelms me.  God is the key to a long and satisfying life.  We can have satisfaction in Christ.

Are you satisfied?

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  1. Sharon...yes, satisfaction shouldn't be found in what the world provides but in what God gave us through His Son. Thank you for the reminder and for sharing at WJIM.


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