Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What Is Your Priority?

Genesis 27:30-40

I have made decisions that I look back on and wonder why I made that choice.  If I am completely honest with myself, it can be traced back to the fact that my priorities were not in the right order.  When we see our mistakes we have to be very careful not to assign blame to someone else.  This week, I have been reading through the story of Jacob stealing Esau's blessing and have explored Jacob's deception; however, today I want to focus a little on Esau's reaction.  Please read Genesis 27:30-40.

Before getting too harsh on Esau, we have to admit that this would have been a horrible turn of events.  This was a family of great faith and they believed that the blessing a father gave to his children was binding and would be fulfilled by God.  When reading through the blessing, it seemed to be prophetic in nature as well.  It is very obvious that Isaac was very upset when he realized what had happened, yet he also seemed to accept that God allowed it to happen.  I wonder if this is because he remembered what God had told Rebekah so many years before; the older would serve the younger.  This is because when Isaac does give Esau a "blessing," he makes reference to the fact that he would serve his brother.  But it is interesting because there is also a clause put in place that he would eventually break free from his brother's yoke.  Tomorrow, we will look at the beginning of the yoke Esau bears.

One thing that really caught my attention was the fact that Esau blames his brother for all that has gone wrong.  He was right that Jacob stole his blessing; however, notice in verse 36 that he claims that Jacob took his birthright as well.  When reading through that story in Genesis 25, that is not exactly the way it played out.  Genesis 25:33 tells us that Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for some stew.  Jacob was being underhanded the way he asked Esau to give him his birthright, but the fact remains that Esau agreed to it.  Even though Esau was very hungry after being on a hunt, I find it hard to believe that there was no other food around that he could have had to help with his hunger.  But there are other clues in the life of Esau where he had made decisions that had already shown that his priorities were a little out of place.  He had married two Hittite women, even though he had probably heard the story of his ancestors many times over.  I'm sure at some point in his life (he was forty when he got married) that he had heard how careful Abraham was to make sure that Isaac didn't marry a local woman.

It is so important that we accept responsibility for making decisions based on our priorities being out of place!  The mistakes I have made happened when I put my own desires in front of God's and in order to learn from that, I need to accept that reality.  The wonderful thing is the gift of grace we are promised through Christ; we are forgiven when we accept and believe that Jesus is our Lord.

What priority is your decision making based on?

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