Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Parent's Influence

Genesis 38:1-11

One of the things I have written about a few times while reading through Genesis is the idea of legacy.  What legacy are we leaving for our future generations?  Genesis takes a brief break from the story of Joseph to tell us a little of Judah's life.  For the next few days, I want to look at Judah's story and how some of decisions may have influenced his family.  Please read Genesis 38:1-11.

We are not told how closely Judah walked with God; however, we do learn that he chose to marry a Canaanite woman.  He had three boys with her and we are told that his oldest was evil in God's sight.  Knowing how important idolatry was in the Canaanite religions, I'm sure Judah's children were being raised with a mixed view on God.  Judah may have been telling them about the one true God, but his wife may have been telling them about the gods she worshiped.  You can imagine what a world view they grew up with and probably viewed God as just another god.

As parents, my husband and I are living out our faith with our children and we are sharing our faith with them.  I do not know if they will continue to follow God when they leave our house, but I know that we've set a foundation for them and I am praying for them.  But, when both parents do not honor God, it is hard for the child to grow up with a strong faith in God.  We cannot take our children to church and not live out our faith at home and expect our children to grow up loving God.  Our children are watching us and as we make our choices we are helping set the stage for future generations.  This is so important!  Being a good parent doesn't guarantee that our children will grow up making good choices, but it sure gives them a better foundation on which they will make decisions.

What example are you living out for your children?

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