Wednesday, August 8, 2012

How We Live Now

Genesis 36

Yesterday, I looked at how we can let our past rule us and make all our choices or how we can give God our past and see how He can turn anything into beauty.  Jacob had stolen Esau's blessing, which caused some drastic consequences.  Esau was very upset and had plotted to kill Jacob.  But reading through Genesis, we see that twenty years later, both brothers embrace each other and live in the same area.  The chapter I am looking at today shows Esau's descendants also known as Edom.  I am not a huge fan of reading a list of names; however, there is a reason why God puts these genealogies in the the Bible.  Please look at Genesis 36 and just see how Edom became who they were.

Esau was a descendant of Abraham, which we see still put him under some type of blessing because his descendants became a nation with kings.  In fact, reading through these verses, we see many kings mentioned in the Bible.   Notice that Esau also had a lot of wealth and had to move out of the area because the land couldn't support both him and his brother Jacob.  One of Esau's sons had a child named Amalek, and it is believed that he is the father of the Amalekites, who were Israel's enemies later in the Bible.

One of the things I pointed out a few weeks ago about Esau was the fact that he had married two wives from the surrounding culture, which was a source of great grief to Isaac and Rebekah.  He then later married his cousin, who was Ishmael's daughter.  Amalek came from Eliaphaz who was the son of Adah, one of the Hittite wives of Esau.  I also noticed that one of the names of Esau's descendants was Baal-hanan, which is a name that reflects the god, Baal.  The choices we make don't just affect us, they affect our future generations.  We can give our children over to the culture, or we can give our children over to God.  This doesn't guarantee that our children will choose to stay with God; however, we can set the stage for godly living.  I think of my husband who came from a family filled with pastors and missionaries and people who follow God.  But they are all traced back to great-grandparents who honored God.  What a legacy to leave!

Have you thought of how you live now can affect future generations?

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