Monday, August 27, 2012

Wisdom Beyond Our Own

Genesis 41:16-36

Have you ever been in a situation where you found yourself saying things that were beyond your own understanding or wisdom?  I know for myself that I have.  It is after the conversation is done that I realize that God had given me the words to say even though I personally didn't have an answer.  Josesph found himself in a situation like that when the Pharaoh summoned him to interpret his dreams.  Please turn to Genesis 41:16-36 to see how God helped Joseph with understanding and wisdom when he needed it.

Joseph found himself not only interpreting Pharaoh's dreams, but he also was advising the Pharaoh on how he should respond to the dreams.  These verses start out with the truth that interpreting dreams was beyond Joseph's abilities and that only God could do that.  With that said, the Pharaoh shared the dreams that disturbed him and asked Joseph to tell him what they meant.  Joseph told Pharaoh the meaning of the dreams and explained what the next 14 years in Egypt would be like.  He told Pharaoh that he should appoint a wise person to oversee the storing of the grain so they could be prepared for the years of famine.  This was godly wisdom that Joseph was sharing with the Pharaoh.

Joseph was faithful to God and he relied on God to do what was put before him.  We can do that as well.  We can know that when we rely on God, He will provide us with the wisdom and understanding when we need it.  It is when we are humble and fully recognize that we do not have all the answers that keeps us open to hearing what God is telling us.  It is when we recognize that we do not have the greatest wisdom that God gives us the wisdom we need right when we need it.  It is okay that we don't have all the answers because we can rest assured knowing that God does have all the answers.  And we can trust that if God feels it is necessary for us to know something, He will make it known to us.

Do you rely on God for wisdom and understanding?

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  1. I certainly don't rely on Him as often as I should. My human ways tend to take over, and I forget to hand it over to Him. Thank you for this reminder!

  2. joseph's story is my all-time favorite in the bible. maybe it's because it's so hopeful AND so rich in the lesson of obedience and faith. loving this series....

    1. Thanks, Kendal! His story competes with Daniel's for top spot of Old Testament stories. :)


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