Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Blessing of the Twelve Tribes

Genesis 49:1-28

The verses I am looking at today are so interesting because they are the blessing that Jacob places on each of his sons.  Verse 28 tells us that each one received an appropriate blessing.  In all honesty, I could spend an entire post on some of the blessings and how prophetic they are; however, I don't think that is where I should be going.  (You can now breath a sigh of relief.)  Instead, please read through these verses for yourself.  Some of you have been journeying throughout Genesis with me and have read through Jacob's life and can probably recognize some of the things Jacob mentions in his blessings.  What I would love to do today is ask a few questions for you to reflect on personally:

  • How do you see past decisions of Jacob's sons play a role in their future blessing?
  • How much prophecy do you read in these blessings?
  • Looking at Judah's blessing, there is a lot of prophecy not only about Judah's descendants.  Who was Jacob referring to in the blessing?
  • What do these blessings tell us about Jacob's faith?
Reflect on these verses and be blessed!  We see in these verses that right until his dying breath, Jacob's faith in God was unwavering.

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  1. Oh to have the faith of Jacob... Great call to action post. I love the stories about Jacob. What a man of faith and trust in God.

    Visiting from Internet Cafe Devotions.


    1. Yes, his faith was amazing and inspires me.

  2. I always got the idea Jacob thought the blessing would go through Joseph as Rachel was his first choice of wife. Reuben lost it when he slept with his father's concubine... It is interesting how God blessed Judah through Tamar. In the Books of Jubilee a few gaps are filled in here and it says that Jacob truly loved and appreciated Leah after Rachel's death.

    1. I think it really shows that the mothers had nothing to do with the blessings at all. It had to do with faithfulness. Our background is not the thing God looks at when He uses us - He is looking for faith and a willing heart.


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