Friday, September 14, 2012


Genesis 46:1-27

Our journey with God can have interesting twists that we do not expect.  Sometimes those twists are unexpected yet positive and take us in a direction even closer to our dreams.  Other times; however, the twists seem to take us in the exact opposite direction of where we thought God wanted us to go.  Jacob's sons came home from Egypt telling him that Joseph was alive.  But, not only that, they told him that both Joseph and the Pharaoh insisted on having the entire family come and live in Egypt off the best of the land.  This brought an unexpected twist for Jacob because he found himself leaving the land that God promised to Abraham and his descendants.  Please read Genesis 46:1-27.

I am going to be focusing on the first seven verses in chapter 46, but please read through verse 27.  Isn't it amazing to see how many direct descendants came with Jacob to Egypt?  But at the same time, this had to be a bit confusing because there were enough people in his family that he could start to imagine Abraham's descendants becoming a nation in the land of Canaan.  Instead, he was leaving the promised land to go to Egypt.  So, when Jacob reached Beersheba he made sacrifices to God.  This is a significant location for a couple of reasons.  This was where Abraham made a treaty of peace with Abimelech, and this is also where Isaac had dug up wells and had to make another treaty with Abimelech.  There were significant things that happened at Beersheba that showed Jacob God's faithfulness to his father and grandfather.  But, it is also significant because Beersheba was also the southern-most city in Canaan.  For Jacob, this meant that he was about to leave the promised land.

But God met him there and reassured him.  He let Jacob know that even though it may have felt like he was going in the wrong direction, this was part of His plan.  God promised Jacob that He would be with him even in Egypt.  He promised Jacob that his family would eventually return to the promised land.  But He also told Jacob that he would die in Egypt.  This news had to bring mixed emotions because he was also told that he would be with Joseph when he died, but he also knew that meant he would die in a foreign land.  God confirmed for Jacob that he was still going in the direction that God had planned for him and his family.  In fact, Joseph already knew this because he had told his brothers that God sent him ahead so the family could be saved.

When things seem to be taking you backwards, do you seek God?  Jacob reached the end of the promised land and sacrificed to God.  It almost seemed as if he was making sure that this was the right thing to do.  In the same way, we can also ask God for confirmation.  We can ask Him to show us that this is what He wants for us.  We need this from time to time because we cannot see the entire map, we just see the landscape.  When our vision is so limited, it is hard to understand direction and we need to have God confirm that we are truly going the way God wants us to go.

When you are unsure of how things seem to be going, do you turn to God?

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