Monday, September 10, 2012


Genesis 44:1-17

It is awful to be blamed for something you didn't do, isn't it?  That is bad enough, but what if you find out that it wasn't a coincidence that someone thought you did it - what if you were set up to look like you did it?  I think that would be a horrible feeling!  This can happen at work or at home with siblings.  But the worse is when a crime is put on your shoulders.  Every now and then we see stories on the news how someone is exonerated after spending years in prison after new evidence surfaced.  Or sometimes we'll see on the news how a witness admits that they lied.  What a horrible place to be, and this is the place that Joseph's brothers found themselves.  Please read Genesis 44:1-17.

While reading these verses, keep in mind that you are not hearing the end of the story and Joseph had a bigger plan in place; however, he is not looking too kind today.  He purposefully framed his little brother, Benjamin for a crime that could have enslaved him or put him in prison.  This is even after Joseph himself had been framed!  In fact, it wasn't long ago that he had been forgotten in prison.  But, just as God had a plan for Joseph, Joseph also had a plan that didn't include making Benjamin his slave.  But his brothers didn't know this.

I think of the agony this situation must have brought his brothers because they promised their father that nothing would happen to Benjamin.  Who would be the one that was framed?  Benjamin, Jacob's beloved son!  I'm sure they were devastated to think that they would have to return to their father to tell him that Benjamin was now a slave.  In fact, they offered themselves up as slaves instead.  But Joseph told them to go home.  We are left with a cliffhanger, but we can read ahead and see the end of the story.  Joseph's brothers didn't have that choice.

We know that it ends good for all of Joseph's family, but they didn't have the satisfaction of reading a story that was about someone else.  This was their story!  Over and over, we read in the Bible stories of people who found themselves in situations that just didn't make sense.  But we also read how God uses those situations to show His power and authority.  This story is the same.  Just as we saw resolution to Joseph's enslavement and imprisonment, we will see resolution for his brothers.  When God is on our side, we always have hope for better.

Are you in a bad spot?  Do you believe that God has plans to use it for something better?

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