Thursday, October 18, 2012

Accomplish Its Purpose

Something I have learned being a parent is that there are household rules that we make for various reasons.  Some of them have the sole purpose of keeping our kiddos safe, while others are made to help the home run smoothly.  Some of the rules are in place to help our children learn valuable life skills while they are still under our roof.  No matter what, when we make rules they have a purpose.  Jesus tells us that God's law is the same way; it has a purpose and there is no part that is least significant.  Let's look at what Jesus said about the law in Matthew 5:17-20.

Jesus explained that it is not for us to pick and choose which part of God's law is more important than others.  In fact, He even said that His purpose was not to abolish the law, but it was to accomplish its purpose.  What is the purpose of the law?  The law helps us to understand what is and is not acceptable to God.  The law helped draw the line in the sand between the righteous and the unrighteous.  Well, that is an interesting thought because Jesus also warns us that unless our righteousness is better than the teachers of the law and the Pharisees, we will not enter the kingdom of Heaven.  This had to be so confusing for some people to hear because Jesus just explained the importance of the law and its purpose, yet He also told them that they had to be more righteous than the people who knew and understood the law the best.

We have the ability of hindsight to see that Jesus accomplished its purpose on the cross.  Since none of us can claim to be perfect and fully obedient to the law, non of us could truly claim to be righteous.  The law cannot fix this dilemma for any of us because we have already broken it.  But Jesus, who was the only righteous person, took our unrighteousness and carried that burden to the cross and suffered the consequence of death.  The most incredible thing is that He conquered death and rose again, and He shared that victory with all of us!  He accomplished the purpose of the law!  This is accomplished in each person who understands the low place they are in and need and accept Jesus' gift in order to be saved.

Do you believe that Jesus accomplished the law's purpose in order that we can have a righteousness that is required?

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