Monday, October 15, 2012


Matthew 4:23-25

We live in a world that has instant news.  Our TV shows can get interrupted with breaking news stories, and we can even set news sites to text us when something we are interested in has some updates.  We can make our homepages on the internet set to a news site so we can see whatever the top stories are at that very moment.  We don't have to wait for our news anymore and we can get news immediately from around the world.  Yesterday, when we came home from church my son found the live stream of Felix Baumgartner's record and ground breaking jump.  But when Jesus walked this earth, there was no internet or broadcast news stations.  It kind of makes you wonder what kind of press He would receive today.  Would there be constant cameras and live feeds on Him wherever He went?  While He was here, He had created quite a stir and was attracting so much attention that large crowds were following Him.  The verses I am looking today show that it didn't matter that all the media didn't exist; please read Matthew 4:23-25.

This is so interesting because verse 24 tells us that news about Jesus spread as far as Syria.  Today, that doesn't seem like it is so far because Jerusalem to Damascus is 135 miles; however, when you consider that people traveled by foot it is amazing that world about Jesus was spreading that far.  Galilee was much closer to Syria than Jerusalem, but it was still far enough to make it amazing that people were hearing about Him.  We also read that people from all over were coming to listen to Him and have Him heal their diseases.  We are told in these verses that Jesus healed every kind of disease and demon possession.  There was nothing that was too much for Him.

I just think of the fact that people were traveling so far to see Him and be touched by Him.  It is very humbling because things are so different for us now.  We don't have to travel to hear a speaker; for example, a month ago I drove about one hour to participate in a simulcast.  Our instant gratification makes it difficult to comprehend this culture and the dedication it took to hear Jesus.  We get to read His words in our Bibles while sitting in our living rooms.  We don't even need to step out doors to hear a sermon because we can turn on our radios, TV's, or internet.  I'm not saying that our access to such media is bad, but you have to admit that we don't always understand the commitment it took to see Jesus.

So, then it makes me realize why it is so easy for us to become a bit lackadaisical in our walk with Him nowadays.  Where is the prioritizing and commitment we need to make in order to follow Him?  I believe that God expects no less from us than He did when Jesus walked the earth.  The sacrifice may come in a different form here in America.  Maybe it is that we need to commit more than what we are used to committing when serving Him.  Perhaps we just need to commit.  Maybe we need to learn that we have to stop doing one thing in order to make the time for Him in our private prayer and Bible study and spend time with fellow believers in a small group.  It really does take commitment in order to follow Jesus.

Are you ready for the journey of a lifetime and commit to making Him your priority?

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  1. There is nothing that is too much for Him - love that! It is so true, that we need to be diligent and deliberate in following Him!

  2. Hi Sharon - it is so true that we are the microwave generation, we want everything instantly! But with God there is no instant unless He says so. I think this is what makes it tough for me to let go and let God sometimes. Not His failing, but mine. Great post
    God bless


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