Thursday, October 4, 2012

God's Plans Will Happen

Matthew 2:13-23

Yesterday, I wrote how interesting it was that the wise men and Herod seemed to understand that the long awaited Messiah was born, yet the Jews failed to recognize this.  The religious leaders were so in the thick of things that even when they were questioned by Herod, they didn't seem to put two and two together.  The verses I explored yesterday ended with the wise men leaving the country from a different route in order to avoid having to report to Herod.  Please read Herod's reaction when he realized that he had been outsmarted in Matthew 2:13-23.

Herod was furious when he realized that the wise men had left from a different route.  When Herod realized that he was not going to know which child was the Messiah, he decided to have all boys ages 2 years and under in and around Bethlehem killed.  That seems like a rather harsh reaction; however, consider once again the fact that Herod truly believed that this baby was the Messiah.  He was threatened by this reality because he didn't want to see his throne overturned.  So many boys died because of his misunderstanding of why the Messiah had come to earth.  The Jewish leaders believed that he would free them from the physical rulers of the world; however, God's freedom is so much greater than that.  God sent Jesus to free all of us from the chains of sin and death.  Herod had no idea that he wasn't being threatened and he also had no idea that he could never out smart God's plans.

Joseph was warned in a dream about Herod's plotting and was sent to Egypt until Herod died.  Even after Herod's death, God warned Joseph in another dream to stay away from Judea.  Joseph moved the family to Nazareth in Galilee and that is where our precious Savior was raised.  You see, we humans can be rather arrogant at times thinking that we know more than the One who made us.  We can actually believe that we have a better plan, but the reality is that our "better plans" just leads us down a path of destruction.  God's plans lead us to safety.  Do we really believe that we can see things better than the One who created everything?  Do we really think that we can handle our problems better than God can?  I guess that shows how small our minds really are!  Instead, it is far better to know and trust that God knows what He is doing and He will lead us to where we need to be.

Do you believe that God's plans are unstoppable?  Do you believe that He knows what is best?

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