Friday, October 12, 2012

Leave Our Nets

Matthew 4:18-22

I really enjoy learning.  I don't know why, but it is fun learning something new that I never knew before especially when it is a passion of mine.  My greatest passion is God, so when I can learn more about Him and His nature, I get excited.  I don't just get excited about learning about Him, it is exciting to learn more about what pleases Him.  At times gaining new knowledge can be very convicting because that means I have learned something new about myself that needs to change.  Other times, the new knowledge is comforting because I gain a new understanding of His great love for us.  I guess that is why I have such a passion for the Bible - it is God's Word.  This is what tells me I need to know about Him and how I need to live.  It shows me love and redemption.  And going through Matthew, one of the Gospels, I am learning how Jesus lived and what He said so I can learn to be like Him.  You see, I consider myself a disciple of His as should anyone else who believes in Him as their Savior.  Today, I want to look at some verses that show us Jesus calling some men to be His disciples.  Please read Matthew 4:18-22.

These verses are interesting, aren't they?  First, it is interesting that Jesus would just call on some men fishing in their boats to follow Him.  Second, it is interesting that they would just get up and leave their nets and follow Him.  It begins to make a little more sense; however, when we understand a little about Jewish culture and rabbis.  Every boy had to go to school to learn about the Torah and memorize it.  After they finished with that level of school, some of the boys moved to the next level and memorized more scripture and gained greater understanding.  After they finished with that level, it was time to find a rabbi, but only the best students would move on to a rabbi.  They would choose a rabbi to follow and ask him if they could be his student, or disciple.  After some questions and quizzing, the rabbi would either say, "Come, follow me," or, "You are not able to be my disciple.  Go back home and learn a trade."  If they became a disciple, they left everything and did everything the rabbi did.  They ate the same food and walked in their footsteps.  But, as we read through these verses, we see that is not what Jesus did.

Instead of his students choosing Him, He chose His students.  So, when he told Simon, Andrew, James, and John to come follow Him, they understood that this man was calling them to be His disciples.  Notice that they were all fishermen, which means that somewhere along the way they were not considered good enough to be a disciple.  Knowing that, their response makes a lot more sense doesn't it?  But Jesus didn't just tell them to follow Him, He told them that He would teach them to be fishers of men.  I love this because we are told that they left everything behind, including their nets, to follow Jesus.

We each have our own nets, fishing for something that will help us along the way in life.  Maybe we are fishing for financial security, or maybe we are fishing for a position at the top.  We all have perceived needs and spread out our nets to catch whatever will give us our desires.  But Jesus tells us that we don't need to fish for the things of this world; everything we need is found in Him.  If we choose to follow Him, He will give us His net to spread out.  He will give us a commission to love the people around us and draw them into to God's kingdom.  God doesn't want to see one person fall away, and He invites us to be a part of His great work in this world!  Reading these verses, we see that if we are to follow Him and be His disciple He wants us to bring in more disciples.

Are you ready to learn from our Rabbi?

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